Friday, October 18, 2019

What to Watch This Weekend: October 17, 2019

In Theaters: Zombieland: Double Tap
It's finally back!  Zombieland: Double Tap is a satisfying sequel to the original cult classic, with an all star cast (including fantastic new additions) and laugh out loud comedy.  For more information, check out our review!

At Redbox: Crawl
Crawl is a fun creature feature that goes a little over the top, but will leave you holding your breath as a father and daughter team try to avoid some seriously dangerous predators during a hurricane.  

Streaming (Amazon): Hell House LLC
A remarkably well done found footage horror film, Hell House LLC follows a team who attempt to set up a haunted house but get much more than they bargain for.  It develops slowly with plenty of suspense and surprise, as it builds to its horrifying conclusion. 

Streaming (HBO): Happy Death Day 2U
The sequel to the surprisingly good horror / comedy original, Happy Death Day 2U follows the events of the first movie with another killer loop that gets even more ridiculous than the first.  Tree is forced to make some very difficult choices as she tries to stay alive long enough to solve yet another groundhog day death trap.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Review: The Sky Is Pink

Release date: October 11, 2019
Running time: 143 minutes
Starring: Zaira Wasim, Priyanka Chopra, Farhan Akhtar 

The Sky Is Pink tells the true story of a young family dealing with a serious medical condition, and how that condition affects their lives and relationships for years.  In an interesting twist, the film telegraphs the ending early on so that the movie itself is about the journey that got to there.  The film tells the story in chunks, jumping to different events in the family's lives; it's mostly chronological, but occasionally it will jump forward or back depending on what it is trying to depict.  It is an interesting way to tell the tale and mostly works, although one of the jumps just felt out of place.

The Chaudhary family consists of four individuals who we see grow up and older throughout the film.  They are all wonderfully cast with some really amazing performances showing how each member deals with the challenges and emotions of the family predicament.  The film is narrated by the youngest member of the family, Aisha, who has an interesting no holds barred, no filter style of narration.  It's enjoyable at times, but some of the jokes just didn't connect with me and some of her sayings felt forced.  And although the film's subject revolves around Aisha, Aditi seems to be the main character.  She is a complicated and fierce person: brilliant and stubborn, loving and manipulative, someone who speaks her mind regardless of who is listening.  I really liked her strong attitude, but there were times when her character was unlikable or her lines were too over the top.  Your appreciation of the film will likely stem from your reaction to her.  

The Sky Is Pink's story is methodically paced: is a slow burning family drama, with information dealt out at a steady, but not too quick stream.  And, due to the fact that the film focuses on a family medical condition, it is also an emotional roller coaster as you experience the trials and tribulations that this family goes through.  There are many heart wrenching moments in the movie, which is made all the more touching by the slow pace of the film's build up and the fact that you know so much about what these characters have faced.  Be prepared to experience all the emotions and the movie definitely pulls at your heartstrings at times.

The Sky Is Pink is a beautiful story about a young family dealing with a truly challenging situation.  The movie is well-acted, with likable characters and an emotional story.  

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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Review: Zombieland: Double Tap

Release date: October 18, 2019
Running time: 99 minutes
Starring:  Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Abigail Breslin, Emma Stone

10 years after the original “Zombieland” hit the theaters Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg), Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), Wichita (Emma Stone), and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin) are back for “Zombieland: Double Tap” as they take refuge in Washington, D.C. on their way to the American heartland.  But they don’t take refuge just anywhere, they end up the President’s Palace where they can almost resume life as normal.  But despite this protection, issues develop that will year the makeshift family yet again. 

Zombieland: Double Tap continues the comedic interpretation of the zombie apocalypse. As much as you may want to take the drama and suspense seriously, the movie quickly reminds you to have fun with its comic-style mayhem.  And even with intense action it still finds ways to keep this movie fun specifically with some new asides and awards. Not to mention this movie has a ton of irreverent pop culture references to keep you on your toes. The cinematography was enjoyable but I particularly liked the lack of CG as most of the zombies were actual actors. It’s refreshing to see this attention to detail and I didn’t realize how nice it is to not have to step into the uncanny valley! 

Although this film is about the classic foursome, the addition of new cast member Rosario Dawson adds another layer of stardom to this movie and she is a joy to watch. Her chemistry with Woody was epic. But let it be known, the character Madison played by Zoey Deutch absolutely stole the show. She managed to take a cliche role and make it the highlight of the film. I thank her for the headache achieved from overly laughing.

With a runtime of 99 minutes, this movie was a fun adventure and the perfect October weekend movie to get into a humorous Halloween spirit. The film is a satisfying sequel to the cult classic, with an all star cast (with fantastic new additions) and laugh out loud comedy.  I think Columbus’s next survival rule would be see this film!

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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Review: Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

Release date: October 18, 2019
Running time: 118 minutes
 Michelle Pfeiffer, Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning

Just when you thought that the House of Mouse has enough on their plate with the release of several live action remakes and many more in production, they announce the follow up to Maleficent with a 2019 release! Picking up 5 year after “Maleficent” the dark fairy Maleficent (Angelina Jolie) returns now twice upon a time in the new movie “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” where we see the cursed child Aurora (Elle Fanning) is now Queen of the Moors, which was given to her by her godmother Maleficent. Additionally, Aurora and Prince Phillip (Harris Dickinson) are now set to wed one another. This would not only mean a union between the two but a union between the two kingdoms, a peace that at one time never seemed possible. However, everyone doesn’t share the same desires.

Michelle Pfeiffer and Elle Fanning in Maleficent: Mistress of EvilIn the interest of furthering this union the royal family King John (Robert Lindsay) and Queen Ingrith (Michelle Pfeiffer) has invited Aurora’s family to attend a dinner.  But the Queen of Ulstead has other ideas and constructs a wicked plan to divide the humans and fairies forever. 

Building off the success of the first movie, twice upon a time is just so fitting! When it comes to Disney you know the visual effects and designs are always top tier providing vibrate colors and over the top special effects. Angelina Jolie is absolutely brilliant and the moment she is on screen all eyes are on her! She is very funny and her sarcasm and wit were the highlight of the movie even in the most intense scenes. 

Speaking of intense, the movie still balances the double dose of action while being a respectable fairytale. What I really appreciated about this movie was the look into the origins of Maleficent and the discovery of the Dark Fey species lead by Conall (Chiwetel Ejiofor) both fearless and heroic ally.  This lets the film expand into more diverse costume designs and explores a new area of this universe. I absolutely loved everything that the Dark Fey represented, which I think sends a good message to the viewers. Much like the first movie, this movie has a shocking twist at the end and without a doubt is a must see.  The not so evil Maleficent will bring a smile to your face so do yourself a favor, spend that extra coin and see it in IMAX or 3D; it’s worth it.

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil is wickedly entertaining surprise sequel, with a stellar cast, superb visuals, and an interesting new faction that expands and potentially sets up a sequel within this universe. 

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Angelina Jolie in Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

Review: Black and Blue

Release date: October 25, 2019
Running time: 108 minutes
Starring:  Mike ColterNaomie HarrisFrank Grillo

Black and Blue takes us to the streets of New Orleans as we follow military vet turned rookie cop Alicia West (Naomie Harris) returning home after her service.  Her return is bittersweet as she did not realize how much the city had changed in her time away.  After the devastation of Hurricane Katrina residents of this city are finding that they are forced to rebuild and survive by any means.  To make matters worse, the poverty in the city is compounded by the corruption within the law enforcement system, making West's job that much more challenging. 

This movie sets the tone right from the start, showing law enforcement discriminating against the city residents with aggressive and unlawful actions.  This has caused the residents of the city--predominantly African American--to have no little if any respect for law enforcement.  The situation in the city is truly Black vs. Blue, with West torn between her two worlds and hoping to mend the animosity.  But this quickly changes when she is forced into a difficult and dangerous situation that tests her loyalties.  crime.

I went in with low expectations for this film and was pleasantly surprised.  The movie ended up being a very entertaining thriller.  This was helped by the cast, including the already mentioned Harris, who is joined by Frank Grillo who is great in his tough guy with very intense roles as we seen in many previous performance as well as Mike Colter who unexpectedly plays the drug lord and absolutely kills it.  And of course, I really enjoyed seeing Tyrese Gibson, who typically provides the comedic relief, take a more serious tone in his role.  His character is emblematic of the problems the citizens of this city face, and he even brings back some crying reminiscent of his viral video.  

Now while this movie takes place in New Orleans it didn't truly capture the essence of this city's atmosphere and rich culture. Sure there was an amazing wall mural, which actually hides messages and clues, but this movie lacked the deep southern accents and attire, as well as a music selection that accurately represents NOLA.  While the plot touches on a number of huge societal problems, it's very predictable in its resolution. There are some very good messages to take out of this movie but some of the above issues make it so that you can get those message after its theatrical run.  

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Image result for alicia west black and blue tour

Friday, October 11, 2019


Release: October 25, 2019 (wide)
Distributor: 101 Studios
Director: Alfonso Gomez-Rejon
Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael Shannon, Katherine Waterston, Tom Holland, Tuppence Middleton, Matthew Macfadyen and Nicholas Hoult
Genre: Biography, Drama, History

Three brilliant visionaries set off in a charged battle for the future in The Current War: Director’s Cut, the epic story of the cutthroat competition that literally lit up the modern world.  Benedict Cumberbatch is Thomas Edison, the celebrity inventor on the verge of bringing electricity to Manhattan with his radical new DC technology.  On the eve of triumph, his plans are upended by charismatic businessman George Westinghouse (Michael Shannon), who believes he and his partner, the upstart genius Nikolai Tesla (Nicholas Hoult), have a superior idea for how to rapidly electrify America:  with AC current.  As Edison and Westinghouse grapple for who will power the nation, they spark one of the first and greatest corporate feuds in American history, establishing for future Titans of Industry the need to break all the rules.  Directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon (Me and Earl and the Dying Girl) with Producer Timur Bekmambetov, Basil Iwanyk and Executive Producer Martin Scorsese, The Current War also stars Katherine Waterston, Tom Holland, Matthew Macfadyen and Tuppence Middleton.

THE CURRENT WAR Official Channels
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Screening Details:

Wednesday, October 16
AMC Mazza Gallerie
7:00 PM

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What to Watch This Weekend: October 11, 2019

In Theaters: War
War has two charismatic stars, plenty of explosions, biceps, big action, and enough fun to keep entertained for its two and a half hour duration.  For more information, check out our review!

At Redbox: Midsommar
Ari Aster's slow burning, brightly-lit horror movie is a psychological masterpiece with plenty of tension and a wonderful sense of contrast due to horrific events happening in a beautiful, summer village.  It is not for everyone but if you have the patience for it, Midsommar is a unique and interesting horror film.

Streaming (Amazon): Hereditary
Keeping with the Ari Aster theme, Hereditary is a film that has a wonderfully disturbing build up with an unsatisfying ending.  However, the journey to get to that ending is well worth it and if you are trying to get into the Halloween mood this is a perfect disturbing horror film. 

Streaming (Amazon): Photograph
From the director of The Lunchbox--one of my favorite foreign films in recent memory--comes another unlikely romantic tale.  In it, a struggling street photographer convinces a shy stranger to pose as his fiancee during a family visit, which leads to more than either of the pair expected.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Review: The Addams Family

Release date: October 11, 2019
Running time: 87 minutes
Starring: Oscar Isaac, Charlize Theron, ChloĆ« Grace Moretz 

Ba da da dun, snap snap.  The abnormally morbid family is back in an animated feature / reboot.  The Addams Family is a retelling of the classic TV series and movies, with all the familiar characters you love animated in a unique and very Addams Family style.  The story follows the Addams as they try to adjust when their isolated castle unknowingly gets surrounded by suburbs and their quiet life gets inundated with normal humans.

As an animated feature, the first thing you will notice is the animation.  And although it manages to capture the characters surprisingly well, the animation itself is not as eye catching as I would have hoped.  All of the characters are animated in an exaggerated, cartoonish style, but there are a lot of little details that just don't seem to be included.  Nothing really stands out about the movie from an animation standpoint.  Maybe it was because the Addams style tends to be more drab and morbid, but the animation just didn't catch my eye.  

The voice acting is similarly flat; despite the fact that the film has an all star cast that succeeds at evoking the notsalgia of the Addams series, the writing doesn't really stand out.  The cast is well known and I have loved them in other roles, but in this movie they were cohesive but not amazing.  The dialog and jokes were not as funny as I expected and the emotions were muted.  I felt like some of the references were weird just to be weird, and didn't hit as well as I would have hoped.  Many of the Addams morbid jokes were there and worked, but overall the humor wasn't laugh out loud funny.  And the story started off very slowly and then barreled to a conclusion.  

The Addams Family is a nostalgic animated feature that captures the style and characters of the main show.  However, the film's animation and humor don't snap and the family is maybe best viewed at home.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Review: Gemini Man

Release date: October 11, 2019
Running time: 117 minutes
Starring: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Will Smith, Clive Owen

Gemini Man takes us into the life of Henry Brogan (Will Smith), an ex-Special Forces sniper now Defense Intelligence Agency elite assassin.  Henry is tasked with one final job for the agency before he retires, although he soon finds out that this job is far from ordinary.  Hoping to finally find peace, he realizes not only is he being surveilled by Danny Zakarewski (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), a current DIA agent, but is also being targeted by an assassin that he knows all too well and moves and thinks just like him.  This global chase takes them all over the world, from inlets of Georgia to the beautiful streets of Cartagena and Budapest.

Gemini Man is an action movie first and foremost, and thankfully the action lives up this billing.  Will Smith is a super soldier through and through, and the fight sequences between Will Smith times two are fun to watch.  The scenic shots are breathtaking and the use of CG in the film is really fun to see.  And the sound in the film makes those action scenes that much more enjoyable.  From the Smith vs Smith combat, to the action packed chase sequence, to the ultimate conclusion, the action will keep you well entertained and may even bring you to the edge of your seat.

However, aside from the action there isn’t much else memorable about Gemini Man.  Will Smith gives a performance you have come to expect from him; whether or not you like that will be up to the individual viewer.  If you are a big Will Smith fan has there is a ton of vintage Will Smith moments and dialogue.  The plot is fairly predictable bad unfortunately most of the big reveals already happened in the trailers.  The remaining mysteries simply fall flat.  And even the attempts at comedy don’t elicit the type of laughs that I imagine the writers were going for.  Thankfully the action will keep your entertained,  but anything outside of that loses your attention fast.  

Gemini Man is a beautiful action movie with some amazing CG, but unfortunately the rest of the film fails to entertain after the explosions have cooled.  You can save you from yourself by just waiting to rent this one.

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Will Smith in Gemini Man (2019)

Review: My People, My Country

Release date: October 1, 2019
Running time: 158 minutes
Starring: Bo Huang, Jing Wu, Yili Ma

My People, My Country is a film that chronicles seven different events in China's history, depicting each as a short film directed by a different director.  The stories themselves focus on a single person or a small group of people, and show how they experienced or reacted to these events.  It is an interesting premise that makes for some enjoyable short stories but the film itself has a strong nationalistic bent that is evident in the trailers and from the moment the film starts.

Each film is a self-contained story, with different actors, a different director, and highlighting a different important moment in China's history.  From the ceremony that introduced the People's Republic of China, to the return of China's first manned space probe, to the opening of the Beijing Olympics in 2008, each story is varied but has one overarching message: a love for China and its flag.  And the short films themselves have very different ways to approach their respective events, sometimes focusing on a main person but often times showing the perspective of someone on the periphery.  Each film is well shot with generally interesting characters and they provide some interesting stories and context to these important events.

However, the film is an exercise in nationalistic pride.  Each film has a strong Chinese tilt (which is to be expected given the title of the movie and the trailer) and the writing and characters are done in a way to emphasize that.  Much of the dialog is written for the good of the nation, and some characters make large sacrifices for the good of their country.  And many of these stories, while being moments of great pride for China, could be viewed as controversial outside of it.  Additionally, although the first story does say that it was based on a real person, every story after that doesn't give this level of historical accuracy, which leaves something to be desired.  I would have loved to have each story based on a real person related to the event, giving the audience more emotional connection.

My People, My Country tells seven interesting stories about important events in China's history.  However, the controversial nature of some of the stories, coupled with the strong nationalistic message might turn some viewers away from these enjoyable, but partially fictitious depictions.  

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Tuesday, October 8, 2019



In theaters October 18

Rating: TBD

Cast: Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Abigail Breslin, Rosario Dawson, Zoey Deutch, and Luke Wilson

Directed by: Ruben Fleischer

A decade after ZOMBIELAND became a huge hit and a cult classic, the lead cast and director Ruben Fleischer have returned for ZOMBIELAND: DOUBLE TAP. Everyone’s favorite four zombie slayers are back to face off against the many new kinds of zombies that evolved since the first film, as well as some new human survivors. Moreover, they must face the growing pains of their silly, snarky family.

Screening Details:


Tuesday, October 15 - 7:30pm
AMC Mazza Gallerie

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Monday, October 7, 2019

Review: War

Release date: October 2, 2019
Running time: 154 minutes
Starring: Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Shroff, Vaani Kapoor 

In War, young but talented agent Khalid (Shroff) must hunt down the newly rogue agent Kabir (Roshan), who was the best of the best.  Khalid must go against his mentor, meaning that he has to take down the man that taught him everything he knows.  

This film is an over the top action movie; think if Mission Impossible met Fast and the Furious.  As with the Fast and Furious films, the action can border on the ridiculous.  Think an agent jumps in against impossible odds, takes a ton of perfectly placed slow motion shots, defeats the others with impeccable martial arts, and then finishes with a knowing look at the camera.  It's not a bad thing, you just have to make sure you are in the mood for it.  The action in this film (and there is a ton of it) is generally very enjoyable, with over the top gunplay, well choreographed martial arts (especially from the impressive Shroff), and plenty of chase scenes.  And thankfully, these intense action scenes are broken up by traditional Bollywood dance numbers!

This movie depends heavily on its main stars, and thankfully they are up to the task.  Roshan is fantastic as you would expect, a little too confident but that is the character he plays.  Shroff is also quite good as his student turned hunter; and the two of them have a great chemistry throughout the film.  The rest of the cast is mostly forgettable, but they do a fine job of supporting the two main stars.  

The criticisms of this film are typical of Bollywood action movies.  There is a ton of slow motion shots that are meant to highlight the star making the shot, the camera sometimes seems only interested in filming the star saying the perfect line with the wind in their hair, the main stars are near invincible and all knowing, and the CG can at times look a little low budget compared to the spectacle around it.  But don't let these dissuade you from seeing this film; if you like Bollywood action movies then you will get what you expected except with two charismatic stars instead of one.

If you like biceps and big action, then make sure to check out War.  It has two charismatic stars, plenty of explosions, and enough fun to keep entertained for its two and a half hour duration.

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Friday, October 4, 2019

What to Watch This Weekend: October 4, 2019

In Theaters: Joker
Joker is a dark and disturbing tale about one man's descent into madness and rebirth as an iconic villain.  It is not going to be for everyone, but this brilliant, unpredictable, and uncomfortable film should not be missed.  For more information, check out our review!

At Redbox: Spider-Man Far From Home
Spider-Man Far From Home was a fun summer blockbuster with arguably the best Spider-Man, Tom Holland.  It was a welcome change of pace from the gravity of Endgame, with a ton of humor, amazing special effects, and an enjoyable end to this era of the MCU.  This is one summer trip you won't want to miss!  For more information, check out our review!

Streaming (HBO): Isn't It Romantic
Rebel Wilson's anti-romantic comedy that becomes a romantic comedy is an enjoyably counter-culture rom com.  As someone who loves watching romantic comedies, I really liked the little touches and self deprecating humor in this film.  

Streaming (Netflix): We Have Always Lived In The Castle
From the writers of Haunting at Hill House, We Have Always Lived In The Castle is a slow build up but has some fantastic acting, beautiful scenery, intriguing characters, and a mysterious plot. 

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Review: The Climbers

Release date: September 30, 2019
Running time: 125 minutes
Starring: Jing Wu, Ziyi Zhang, Boran Jing 

The Climbers dramatically tells the story of an expedition team of Chinese climbers that attempt to climb Mount Everest for a second time, after the world did not believe their first summit due the lack of photographic proof.  The second summit attempt happens 15 years later and dramatically pulls the surviving members of the original team together to train the next generation of Chinese mountaineers to attempt this feat.  

The climbers should not be viewed as a documentary.  It appears to be based on a true story, but with a ton of additional drama and unnecessary action scenes.  Imagine if Cliffhanger was directed by a Chinese martial arts filmmaker (for intense, slow motion jump scenes and nimble acrobatic moves) and you'll have a sense of what this movie is like.  It definitely includes some pretty breathtaking scenery (though some of it is heavy on the CG), but this is kind of blunted when a character slow motion dodges to avoid an avalanche.  And the cast is an enjoyable cast, led by Jing Wu as the experienced, cool headed climbing veteran imparting his knowledge and experience.  The rest of the cast is like able but some of the characters backstories are given little screen time.

However, the film definitely overly dramatizes an amazing historical feat.  Each summit attempt is met with multiple avalanches, heavy heavy winds, and some dramatic moment to save the team (or to sacrifice oneself for the greater nation).  It feels like a summer blockbuster that is loosely based on a real life event.  And it also feels like a piece of propaganda at times.  The event and effort by these Chinese mountaineers is no doubt a source of much national pride; but the dialogue feels a little too over the top and many of the actions seem to be for the good of China despite very rooted self interests. 

The Climbers is a dramatic action film based on an amazing historical feat.  It has a strong cast but sways a little too far into the historical drama; turning this story from an interesting adventure into a big budget action movie.

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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Review: Joker

Release date: October 4, 2019 (USA)
Running time: 121 minutes
Starring: Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz  

Joker is the origin story of one of the most iconic villains ever; and fittingly is also the darkest comic book movie I have seen.  

Joaquin Phoenix completely transforms into Arthur Fleck, the man who becomes the Joker.  Phoenix is almost unrecognizable at times, with a completely changed body, new mannerisms, a distinctive new laugh, and a deeply unsettling look in his eyes.  Although the film lists several actors in the credits, this movie is really a one man show.  Phoenix carries the film with his brilliant, dark, twisted, and deeply heartfelt performance.   And carry Phoenix does, dragging the audience along as he descends into madness.  Phoenix's Joker feels the most unpredictable and disturbing of the various portrayals.  Although Ledger's role was iconic, and I don't believe that Phoenix's Joker could have come without the gritty, wet, unkempt Ledger portrayal, Phoenix took that character to another level.  He really embraced the dark, erratic humor and at times there was so much tension in a scene because you didn't know what Phoenix would do next.  

What I loved most about this film is that the movie also feels like the most plausible comic book movie; it feels the most grounded in reality, as if it could actually happen in a twisted mirror world.  The film doesn't have any super effects, super powers, or crazy gadgets; the movie is a character piece that looks into the mind and motivations of one of the most popular, but also most dangerous villains of all time.  The film is set in Gotham, but if you don't know some of the references it could easily be mistaken for 1970s New York. 

If there are any complaints about this film it is that it is very slow at times. There are some parts of the film that are just boring.  But art takes time to develop and the Joker's descent into madness is a slow one that builds throughout this two hour tale.  Additionally, although the score is fantastic overall, there is one song choice that just killed an important scene for me.  And I'm sure many people are not going to love how dark this film is.  But that being said, I wrote years ago how much I liked the different, more serious direction that Man of Steel and the Batman series went when compared to Marvel, and I applaud DC for allowing us to take this twisted journey.  And finally, I’m sure many people are not going to like a movie that glorifies a seriously disturbed person, but I didn’t see it that way. I saw it as an accurate origin story.  What Arthur and eventually the Joker did was not glorified or vilified; it just was.

Joker is a dark and disturbing tale about one man's descent into madness and rebirth as an iconic villain.  It is not going to be for everyone, but this brilliant, unpredictable, and uncomfortable film should not be missed.

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