Sunday, December 22, 2019

What to Watch This Holiday

We have a special Holiday-themed What to Watch with suggestions for streaming movies so you can stay in, stay warm, and avoid the cold.  Wishing everyone a happy and healthy holiday season!

Anna and the Apocalypse (Amazon and Hulu)
My favorite movie of last year, Anna and the Apocalypse offers something refreshingly different from anything else out now, with the perfect combination of holiday cheer, catchy music, zombie action, funny characters, and high school drama.  And the soundtrack has become a holiday regular in my house!  For more information, check out our review!

A Bad Mom's Christmas (Showtime)
The mom's are back for some holiday planning.  Bad Mom's Christmas returns the same cast from Bad Moms, with some holiday cheer / drama thrown in for extra effect.

Die Hard (Crackle)
Some may debate whether or not this belongs on the list, but since it's our website we're including one of the best Christmas movies of all time, Die Hard.  Learn about the importance of perseverance, family, and trying to keep it a silent night with this holiday classic.

The Grinch (Netflix)
Get into the holiday spirit with Illumination's animated movie The Grinch.  This remake of the classic Dr Seuss tale adds some bright, beautiful animation and enough updates to keep the story fresh.  

Jingle All The Way (HBO)
Arnold's Christmas classic may not be the most well-reviewed movie, but sometimes bad movies can make for great staying in evenings.  And the desperate, last-minute shopping theme might resonate with any other procrastinators out there.

Klaus (Netflix)
A beautifully animated holiday movie with a funny and heartwarming story, Klaus is a new Netflix film but will likely be on people's holiday schedules for years to come. 

Love Actually (HBO)
One of the original massive cast, story crossing films, this holiday classic merges many different story lines during a UK holiday season.  And through it all you will see love, sadness, cheer, and friendship through many people's eyes.  

Noelle (Disney+)
Anna Kendrick does her best to make this silly, harmless, Hallmark-style film enjoyable.  It doesn't offer much, but for those with Disney+, you just might find some holiday cheer from it.

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