Friday, April 26, 2013

Review: The Kings of Summer

Release Date:  May 31, 2013
Running Time: 93 minutes
Starring: Nick Offerman, Moises Arias, Nick Robinson
Who to see it with: Everyone (especially anyone who's been camping or tried to rebel when they were kids)


I generally prefer seeing independent movies. I feel like they have better writing, more genuine acting, refreshing stories, and give some lesser known actors a chance to shine. That's exactly what you get with The Kings of Summer--an amazing coming of age story about three kids who try to get away from their families and live on their own. The acting is phenomenal--especially the stellar Nick Robinson and Moises Arias. The writing is sharp and very funny. There are so many good laugh out loud moments it's tough to single any individual one out. Moises Arias's random lines are so well-timed and so out there that you just have to smile. There is a really good chemistry between all the main characters--the two childhood friends and their new, slightly strange friend. And this chemistry helps to tell a very touching, relatable story. This movie just grabs you from the start and leads  you on an interesting and entertaining journey. It really has it all: good acting, great writing, and a story that has just the right balance of serious and funny to keep you entertained. This is an absolute gem that you have to see.  

See it.

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