Friday, January 31, 2014

What to Watch This Weekend: January 31, 2014

Here are a few movies you can watch before (or during, if football isn't your thing) the Super Bowl.
The first Cloudy was only loosely based upon the book of the same name. The sequel's premisefood-based creatures are discovered on an islandis unrelated to the books and seems inspired by Jurassic Park and King Kong. Cloudy 2 received a slightly cooler reception than the first, but offers more of the imaginative animation and wacky humor.

I'm not fond of most sports movies, but Rush's performances and races make it better than most. Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Brühl are great as dueling racers battling to become Formula One champions. Like most "true stories", it's been criticized for inaccuracies (like their duel being exaggerated), but the tale that's been crafted is pretty captivating.

Within an underground bunker, soldiers and scientists struggle to solve the problem of the world being overrun with zombies. George Romero's favorite of his original Living Dead trilogy received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Many praised the special effects, makeup and the story's ambition but thought it was slower and more depressing than its predecessors. 

Director Greg Whiteley followed presidential candidate Mitt Romney from 2006 and 2012 as he embarked on two failed runs for President. Interestingly, his documentary places greater emphasis upon the ways that the stressful campaigns affected his life and family rather than the campaigns themselves. It's an intimate portrait of a memorable politician's home life, but may dissatisfy those hoping for greater examination of his campaigns' controversial moments.

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