Friday, February 28, 2014

What to Watch This Weekend: February 28, 2014

The Wind Rises was released in DC last week, but it's getting a more widespread release this week. On top of that there is an Oscar nominee on DVD and some good streaming options to hold you over until the Oscars on Sunday!

Miyazaki's latest movie, and supposedly his last, is another beautiful animated movie from the master of anime. The film is set in a more realistic world with dream sequences allowing for some of the more fantastical hallmarks of a Miyazaki film, and tells the story of the man who modernized Japan's airforce. It is slowly paced and avoids many controversial topics about the consequences of his advances, but it is still a beautiful film and a sharp departure from what Miyazaki is known for.

Nebraska tells the story of an old man's last shot at adventure, as he travels to Nebraska to claim a million dollar prize. The movie is nominated for an Academy award. I enjoyed it, but didn't love it as much as other critics and the Academy. I thought it was an interesting story with good acting that could have been half an hour shorter. Still, it's worth renting this weekend so you can catch it before the awards.

Blue is the Warmest Color tells the story of Adele who meets a young woman with blue hair who allows her to grow and assert herself as a woman and an adult. The movie has generally favorable reviews although I hear that it's just a very long story. Everything about it seems drawn out and it could have been done much quicker and with less detail. However, since it's on Netflix streaming, if it gets too long you can fast foward!

Netflix Link

The long awaited sequel to Kevin Smith's first, and probably most beloved, movie, Clerks II sees a calamity forcing Dante and Randall to search for new horizons.  The movie is available for free streaming on Amazon Prime Instant Video and should not be missed by any Kevin Smith fan.  

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