Friday, June 13, 2014

What to Watch This Weekend: June 13, 2014

In Theaters: Obvious Child 
It technically opened last week but it's getting a wider release this week. It's an indie gem that has an equal blend of heart and funny.

From Redbox: Her
Possibly my favorite movie from last year. Just see it, it's an amazing film.

Streaming (Netflix): Omar
In our indie themed What 2 Watch, we have another well received indie film (91% on Rotten Tomatoes) about a young couple who live on opposite sides of an Israeli boundary wall in Palestine.

Streaming (Netflix, Amazon): Cabin in the Woods
It's Friday the 13th, so why not watch one of the better horror movies to come out recently! Cabin in the Woods was surprisingly good so check it out if you're hoping for a scare.

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