Wednesday, July 3, 2019

What to Watch This Weekend: July 3, 2019

In Theaters: Spider-Man Far From Home
Spider-Man Far From Home is a welcome change of pace from the gravity of Endgame, with a ton of humor, amazing special effects, and an enjoyable end to this era of the MCU.  Make sure to catch it in theaters and stay for the two stingers!  4th of July Bonus, includes plenty of fireworks!

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From Redbox: Captain Marvel
Keeping with the Marvel theme, revisit another recent Marvel movie this weekend with plenty of fireworks, a strong female protagonist, and plenty of fun 90s nostalgia.

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Streaming (Amazon): The Spy Who Dumped Me
I was expecting this film to be terrible but ended up really enjoying it.  Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon are a great pair and lead to a ridiculous, but funny caper.

Streaming (Netflix): A Silent Voice
One of the best anime movies I have seen recently, a Silent Voice is a testament to the medium and an amazingly deep film about a boy who tries to redeem his past indiscretions.  It is a beautiful, moving film that should not be missed.  4th of July Bonus, also includes plenty of fireworks scenes!

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