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Sometime Other Than Now Review: A Charming, Mature Family Drama

Donal Logue	...	Sam Kate Walsh	Kate Walsh	...	Kate Trieste Kelly Dunn	Trieste Kelly Dunn	...	Audrey Alexa Swinton	Alexa Swinton	...	Molly P.J. Marshall	P.J. Marshall	...	Spense Amy Hargreaves	Amy Hargreaves	...	Maureen Sarah Jes Austell	Sarah Jes Austell	...	Amber Diego Aguirre	Diego Aguirre	...	Sergio Debra Lord Cooke	Debra Lord Cooke	...	Store Owner (as Debra Lorde Cooke) David Aaron Baker	David Aaron Baker	...	Tom Jeremy Landon Hays	Jeremy Landon Hays	...	Cole Cara Ricketts	Cara Ricketts	...	Anita

Release date: March 5, 2021 (Physical Release)
Running time: 89 minutes
Starring: Donal Logue, Kate Walsh, Trieste Kelly Dunn, Amy Hargreaves
Director: Dylan McCormick

Seeking redemption, a middle aged man drives cross the country, in search of the daughter he abandoned as a child.

Shoshana Ellihou Cellers	Shoshana Ellihou Cellers	...	Tourist (uncredited) Amanda Donnadio	Amanda Donnadio	...	Sergio's Wife (uncredited) Gerry Ferretti	Gerry Ferretti	...	Tourist (uncredited) Lee Kurfist	Lee Kurfist	...	Town Local (uncredited) Monika Mannix	Monika Mannix	...	Tourist (uncredited) Nancy Munro	Nancy Munro	...	Tourist (uncredited) Kate Schrader	Kate Schrader	...	Tourist (uncredited) Amie Sponza	Amie Sponza	...	Kate's Friend (uncredited) Astrid Zayas	Astrid Zayas	...	Bar Patron (uncredited)
Sometime Other Than Now is a slow paced, heartfelt drama about two people's chance meeting and how their lives entangle.  The film follows Sam (Logue) and Kate (Walsh) after Sam crashes his bike near Kate's bed and breakfast.  As he waits for his bike to be fixed, we learn more about both of their pasts and some of the mistakes they've made along the way.  The pace of the film is slow but that fits with the small town charm of this film.  It takes place in a small, sleepy town where everyone knows everyone, so the slow pace of the film feels right at home.  And the film focuses more on the drama and emotion of the two characters, which again complements the slow pace.  

The main stars are also the main focuses of the film.  Walsh is definitely the main focus and if you like her style of acting, then you will love Kate.  Her character is warm, sometimes guarded, and has the deliberate delivery Walsh is known for.  She comes across as very believable, a capable strong business owner and hard worker.  Logue is also good as Sam, and comes across as an unsure father and man.  He has a wistful attitude and a quiet confidence, but some of his issues with his family do come off as a little strange.  But maybe that is an accurate representation of someone who is grappling with what they did two decades earlier.  

As I mentioned, the story of Sometime Other Than Now is slow paced, but doesn't get boring.  The film gradually lets you into these character's lives and their backgrounds, giving you a glimpse of what drives them and some of their mistakes.  But it also has a more modern view of relationships and dating that I really appreciated.  I also really liked this modern look at relationships and love.  The pair are cautious in their relationship, and Walsh's character has a fresh view on the couple and what they do and do not owe each other.  And I also appreciated that the film focuses on two individuals who are later in life, so you can really look at their choices, troubles, and triumphs.  The film has some minor quibbles, such as my previously mentioned issues with Logue's character.  The film also explores some story threads that don't really go anywhere.  A few items are mentioned and then quickly forgotten, maybe to give you some insight into the backgrounds but their lack of resolution can be a bit strange.  And the film ends abruptly, almost like it had a budgetary constraint requiring a quick resolution.  But overall, Sometime Other Than Now is a nice change of pace film, a slower, older focused movie about life, love, and relationships. 

Sometime Other Than Now is an endearing and mature relationship drama with heartfelt performances, a modern look at love and family, and plenty of small town intrigue and charm. 

Watch it.

Stan Erdreich	...	producer (produced by) Jackie Filer	...	producer Michael Goodin	...	producer Gilana Lobel	...	consulting producer Douglas Nyback	...	Consulting Producer Christopher Walters	...	additional producerDirected by  Dylan McCormick	Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)   Dylan McCormick
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Sometime Other Than Now is available digitally and on demand on March 5, 2021. 

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