Monday, November 1, 2021

Foundation S1E5 "Upon Awakening" Review

Release date: October 15, 2021
Running time: 50 minutes

A flashback reveals the origin of Gaal’s conflict between faith and science. The standoff on Terminus takes an unfortunate turn.

So Foundation is finally getting into the action and here we are. This episode allows us to both be reunited with old friends and to see the action pick up.  It proceeds in parallel with two storylines going on parallel tracks.  It is an interesting way to tell this story as they don't intertwine at all, but it does allow some break up during the whole endeavor.  I really liked the focus on these two characters who I greatly enjoy seeing and the extra time we get to spend with them.  We also finally get some backstory filled in from episode 2, solving that strange time skip. 

But although I have been clamoring for action, the action in episode 5 is not very good.  Don't get me wrong, the series is not going to be an action series and the drama and production values are still top notch, but the action is slow and choreographed heavily.  And apparently no one in this world is a marksman as there is a hail of bullets and very few hit.  And although I really liked seeing these characters, we didn't get any updates from the empire.  I imagine that we will get it in the next episode, but this was a very Foundation-focused one.  But that being said, this was a solid episode to move the Salvor storyline along and help flesh out some of the past mystery.

Foundation S1E5 brings back some characters and fills in some story, while advancing the conflict on Foundation and allowing Salvor to really shine.

Watch it.

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