Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What to Watch: Furlough Edition

You may be one of the hundreds of thousands of employees who suddenly has a lot more free time on their hands. Here's a few movies you can use to pass the time.

DVD: The East
A former FBI agent (Brit Marling) gets a new job involving the protection of corporate interests, going undercover to infiltrate a group of anarchist, ecological activists that battles criminal corporations. Perhaps you will relate to her conflicting feelings regarding the group's anti-corporate goals, made even more complicated by an attraction to one of the group's members.

DVD: This Is The End
A government shutdown of indefinite length may make you feel like things are falling apart. Laugh away your troubles by watching James Franco, Seth Rogen and lots of their buddies make fun of themselves as their world literally crumbles around them in this apocalyptic comedy.

Streaming (Netflix): Forrest Gump
If you're looking for something lighthearted, Netflix just added this Best Picture-winning dramedy about a slow, athletic man who stumbles through numerous significant historical events with charming naiveté.

Streaming (Netflix): The Man Who Fell to Earth
You may feel wronged by the government. The lead character of this surreal 1976 cult classic likely felt the same way. David Bowie stars as an alien who comes to Earth with noble intentions, but finds that the government is not receptive to his presence. He also finds himself succumbing to humanity's darker compulsions, something you'll hopefully avoid during these troubled times.

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