Friday, October 4, 2013

What to Watch This Weekend: October 4, 2013

Here are some movies you might have missed, plus one standout theater experience. If The Croods leaves you wanting more Nicolas Cage, you can check out new DVD release The Frozen Ground where he leads a manhunt for a serial killer (John Cusack). Cage and Cusack last worked together in 1997's Con Air.

In Theaters: Gravity
Gravity is literally out of this world. Its excellent special effects and outer space vistas make it an experience likely best had in theaters. Sandra Bullock and George Clooney keep you invested in their struggle for survival, but the effects are the real stars.

On DVD: The Croods
This animated tale was a surprise hit for Dreamworks. Nice animation and solid voice acting by Nic Cage, Emma Stone, and Ryan Reynolds turn a cave dwelling family's search for a new home into a fun, lighthearted adventure. Adults shouldn't be bored and kids will be more satisfied.

Streaming (Amazon Instant, Netflix, and Redbox Instant): Lars and the Real Girl
Lars is one of Ryan Gosling's stranger roles. He's an odd but good-natured guy who alarms his friends and neighbors when introducing them to his newest female friend, a lifelike doll. It sounds absurd, but the acting and Oscar-nominated screenplay make it an unusual, sweet love story about a man dealing with his troubled past with the help of his loved ones.

Streaming (Amazon Instant): Third Star
Benedict Cumberbatch stars in this British dramedy about a terminally ill man and three friends embarking upon a final hiking trip. I hear the story isn't anything special, but the friends have great chemistry and create memorable moments both hilarious and bittersweet.

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