Friday, December 6, 2013

What to Watch This Weekend: December 6, 2013

Nothing really coming out in theaters so why not check out a great movie that came out last week? If you want to stay in (and we don't blame you with the weather turning cold), there are some great DVD rental and Netflix streaming options.

Disney's latest animated movie is a surprisingly fun film with a great cast, fun story, and a return of singing to the animated film genre. Additionally the animation is gorgeous and maybe all the snow will put you into the holiday mood (or forget about the possible wintry mix we're having on Sunday).
Drinking Buddies is probably not going to be a great movie (although it's 82% RT rating makes me hopeful) but it is definitely the movie I am going to see. It looks like a fairly predictable comedy with a funny cast and a drinking / dating premise.  What's not to like?

Streaming (Netflix): The Iceman
Alright, David didn't like this movie because he thought it veered away too far from the book and turned the main character into a sociopath rather than a callous family man. But, a lot of OTHER people did like it (RT 67%) so maybe you'll see something you like. One thing that is easy to appreciate is Michael Shannon's performance as the Iceman killer.

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Crystal Fairy is an interesting movie. Although it didn't get great reviews, some people definitely liked the off beat style of the film and what better way to find out if you like it than by seeing it for free at home! 

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