Thursday, August 22, 2019

Review: Angel Has Fallen

Release date: August 23, 2019
Running time: 120 minutes
Starring:   Gerard Butler, Piper Perabo, Morgan Freeman 

Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman are back in the third movie in this trilogy.  This time, Butler will need to protect the President at an extreme disadvantage.  Not only is Butler facing insurmountable odds, but he also has to fight his aging body and inner demons. 

Angel Has Fallen gets a lot of things right. The action is pretty spectacular, especially some of the suspenseful, quiet scenes and an unconventional chase scene.  And as you would expect from a summer action movie, the effects are big and explosive. Additionally, Butler and Freeman have great chemistry, although the rest of the cast is adequate but slightly off.  The third film in this trilogy also manages to meaningful advances the characters that we have met from the previous films.  I did like what they did with Butler to humanize him and give him some choices that don't involve shooting.  

However, the problem with Angel Has Fallen is that the story makes no sense.  Now, I imagine if you are watching this movie you don't necessarily care so much about the story.  But at times, the nonsensical nature of the plot and character's choices just distract from the enjoyment.  The movie is good for the first third, but once the movie attempts to explain the character's motivations, the film falls apart. The antagonists make some ridiculous decisions that defy logic but do make for good action scenes.  Not that this film should be believable, but the ridiculousness is distracting at times. And there are several little details like characters accents or ages not lining up that distract as well.  

Angel Has Fallen is a fun action movie that suffers from summer movie ridiculousness.  If you can get past the story and just enjoy the action, then hop onto Marine One to see how far this angel has fallen.  It’s a fun ride to take, but maybe one that should be enjoyed at home (preferably with a good sound system for some of those effects)!

Rent it.

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