Thursday, October 17, 2019

Review: The Sky Is Pink

Release date: October 11, 2019
Running time: 143 minutes
Starring: Zaira Wasim, Priyanka Chopra, Farhan Akhtar 

The Sky Is Pink tells the true story of a young family dealing with a serious medical condition, and how that condition affects their lives and relationships for years.  In an interesting twist, the film telegraphs the ending early on so that the movie itself is about the journey that got to there.  The film tells the story in chunks, jumping to different events in the family's lives; it's mostly chronological, but occasionally it will jump forward or back depending on what it is trying to depict.  It is an interesting way to tell the tale and mostly works, although one of the jumps just felt out of place.

The Chaudhary family consists of four individuals who we see grow up and older throughout the film.  They are all wonderfully cast with some really amazing performances showing how each member deals with the challenges and emotions of the family predicament.  The film is narrated by the youngest member of the family, Aisha, who has an interesting no holds barred, no filter style of narration.  It's enjoyable at times, but some of the jokes just didn't connect with me and some of her sayings felt forced.  And although the film's subject revolves around Aisha, Aditi seems to be the main character.  She is a complicated and fierce person: brilliant and stubborn, loving and manipulative, someone who speaks her mind regardless of who is listening.  I really liked her strong attitude, but there were times when her character was unlikable or her lines were too over the top.  Your appreciation of the film will likely stem from your reaction to her.  

The Sky Is Pink's story is methodically paced: is a slow burning family drama, with information dealt out at a steady, but not too quick stream.  And, due to the fact that the film focuses on a family medical condition, it is also an emotional roller coaster as you experience the trials and tribulations that this family goes through.  There are many heart wrenching moments in the movie, which is made all the more touching by the slow pace of the film's build up and the fact that you know so much about what these characters have faced.  Be prepared to experience all the emotions and the movie definitely pulls at your heartstrings at times.

The Sky Is Pink is a beautiful story about a young family dealing with a truly challenging situation.  The movie is well-acted, with likable characters and an emotional story.  

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