Monday, March 16, 2020

Deal: Free Movie Ticket Via Amazon Alexa

Deal Alert!  Atom Tickets is giving a free movie ticket if you use the Atom Tickets skill on Amazon Alexa.  To start, enable the Atom Tickets skill in your Alexa account.  Then ask Alexa, "Alexa, ask Atom for a ticket to ________."  If it finds the movie, it will proceed with asking you to confirm the date, ask which theater, ask how many tickets you want, and then ask if you want to proceed.  While supplies last, if you book between now and March 29, you should receive a free ticket.  For the order total, Alexa will confirm that the total is $0 before booking the ticket.  This works for Fathom Events, so if you have a particular event you want to go to far out in advance then you can use this to secure that ticket.  The only major negative to this deal (other than the fact that you'll be going to a movie during Coronavirus) is that you can't pick which seat you want.  So if you have a particular seat preference, the Atom skill does not let you specify that.  It will auto pick you a best seat "based on typical theater preferences."  For my showing, it picked a good seat, but not my favorite one.  So for free, I can't complain but if you were using the skill to book an actual ticket, this would be a concern.

For more information on the promotion, go here.

Thanks to Slickdeals for the original deal info.

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