Sunday, March 8, 2020

What to Watch: Best of February and Most Anticipated of March

Our selection of the best movies of February and our most anticipated movies of March.

Best of February:

Sonic the Hedgehog: Sure it is not a great movie, but I have been waiting a very long time for both a good video game movie and a good sonic adaption.  Sonic the Hedgehog keeps just enough of the Sonic properties to give you that nostalgic hit, but also changes enough to make it into a fun movie.  Jim Carrey's performance is just flat out funny and crazy, and I can't wait to see where this next movie goes.

Sonic the Hedgehog: As a true fan and consumer of this franchise there were a ton of reservations going into this movie. That first trailer's horrible animation left a bad taste in many mouths and very low expectations.  However from the opening studio scene to the stingers at the very end, this movie delivered like no other.  Achieving the best ever box office opening for a video game movie, this film gave its die-hard and new fans all that they wanted and then some with amazing performances, animation, and comedy.

Most Anticipated of March:

Mulan: I have not been a fan of Disney's live action / computer generated remakes of their old properties because they tend to just be the same stories with a coat of touch up paint.  However, Mulan looks like it will truly redefine the original movie, with a redone story and more serious, gritty tone of the film.  I'm excited to see where this one goes, and the PG-13 rating makes me think that this one is going to places that the animated classic wouldn't dare to go.

Bloodshot: VIN DIESEL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK, I guess I have to say more than just that to justify this.  I am a sucker for a Vin Diesel action film and the that fact is, this movie is based on a comic book that I am very familiar with.  The combination of the two is a win win for me!  I can't promise it will be good but it will be entertaining for sure. And the trailer absolutely looks intriguing enough to draw a bigger audience.

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