Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend box office for July 12 - 14; Pacific Rim suffers growing pains

Despicable Me 2 topped the box office again with a $44.7 million gross, bringing it to a total of $229.2 million. It will pass the original's $251 million total and its competition Monsters U by the end of the week, and is expected to come second only to Iron Man 3 in the American box office this summer. The weekend's two new movies, Grown Ups 2 and Pacific Rim, were ahead on Friday but were apparently frontloaded as they came in second and third. GU2 performed well, its $42.5 million slightly higher than the original's opening, but PR is the third big-budget movie in a row to open with worrying domestic numbers. $38.3 million is director Guillermo del Toro's biggest opening ever, but it's a weak start for a $190 million-budgeted film. The film will likely do little better than recent sci-fi pic Oblivion, which debuted with $37 million and ended with only $89 million. International theaters could lead it to a $300 million+ worldwide total. R.I.P.D. is expected to continue the string of disappointing openings next weekend.

The Heat continues to hold up well, coming in fourth, while The Lone Ranger had a fairly large drop to sixth. World War Z is creeping toward $200 million. Indian sports film Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and true story-based Fruitvale Station opened well in limited release. See the entire box office chart here and other analysis here.

Weekend box office for July 14 - 16:

1) Despicable Me 2; $44,754,000; $229,237,000 total; 2nd weekend

2) Grown Ups 2; $42,500,000; opening weekend

3) Pacific Rim; $38,300,000; opening weekend

4) The Heat; $14,000,000; $112,363,000 total; 3rd weekend

5) The Lone Ranger; $11,140,000; $71,101,000 total; 2nd weekend

6) Monsters University; $10,621,000; $237,760,000; 4th weekend

7) World War Z; $9,430,000; $177,087,000 total; 4th weekend

8) White House Down; $6,150,000; $62,963,000 total; 3rd weekend

9) Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain; $5,000,000; $26,378,000 total; 2nd weekend

10) Man of Steel; $4,825,000; $280,995,000 total; 5th weekend

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