Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What to Watch this July 4th - Independence Day Edition

Happy Fourth of July everyone! We thought we'd give you a holiday-themed What to Watch in case you wanted to get a little patriotic on Independence Day. Have a safe and enjoyable holiday everyone!

In Theaters: White House Down
What could be more patriotic than watching Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx save / destroy the White House? Beat the heat tomorrow and catch a fun summer movie! And, if you are an active military or a veteran, you and a guest can see it for free!

Streaming (Netflix and Amazon Instant): Captain America
Spend Independence Day watching America's super soldier take on Red Skull! Seeing the first film will help you better appreciate the Avengers and also prepare you for the upcoming Captain America sequel.

Streaming (Netflix and Amazon Instant): Coming to America
Eddie Murphy's classic comedy is free to stream on multiple services. An African prince in search of a woman fit to become queen logically goes to Queens, and is thrilled to experience a life unlike his privileged upbringing. There's satire and romance, and a bit of praise toward the lives of hardworking Americans.

Streaming (Amazon Instant): Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Jimmy Stuart's classic movie about one man's ability to change the country is available for free streaming. This political dramedy was not well-received by some politicians back in 1939, but audiences and critics loved it, and the Academy gave it 11 Oscar nominations (and one win for Best Original Story). You may find that this 1939 film's themes are surprisingly relevant seventy-four years later.

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