Sunday, July 21, 2013

Weekend box office for July 19 - 21; Conjuring scares away Turbo, Red and R.I.P.D.

The Conjuring was the week's unexpected critical and commercial leader among major releases, taking the weekend's top spot with $41.5 million and stopping Despicable Me 2 from being #1 for the third time. The other new releases--Turbo, Red 2, and R.I.P.D.--fared less well, taking the third, fifth and seventh spots. Turbo premiered on Wednesday and took in $31 million over its first five days, but that's still a low debut for a Dreamworks picture. Puss in Boots opened with $34 million, but it also dropped only 3% in its second weekend, a feat I doubt Turbo will match. Red 2's $18.5 million was less than the original's $21.7 million opening, likely due to so much competition. Its cast may help it sustain attention similarly to Now You See Me, possibly bring it to a mediocre but not disastrous total. R.I.P.D.'s $12.7 million makes it the biggest summer flop so far, beaten by Pacific Rim which is struggling to reach $100 million. See how other movies performed here.

Weekend box office for July 19 - 21, 2013:

1) The Conjuring; $41,530,000; opening weekend

2) Despicable Me 2; $25,059,000; $276,159,000 total; -42.9%; 3rd weekend

3) Turbo; $21,500,000; $31,203,000 total; opening weekend

4) Grown Ups 2; $20,000,000; $79,500,000 total; -51.8%; 2nd weekend

5) Red 2; $18,500,000; opening weekend

6) Pacific Rim; $15,955,000; $68,235,000 total; -57.2%; 2nd weekend

7) R.I.P.D.; $12,763,000; opening weekend

8) The Heat; $9,325,000; $129,292,000 total; -33.4%; 4th weekend

9) World War Z; $5,200,000; $186,941,000 total; -44.2%; 5th weekend

10) Monsters University; $5,005,000; $248,998,000 total; 5th weekend

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