Friday, July 12, 2013

What to Watch this Weekend: July 12, 2013

In Theaters: Pacific Rim
Pacific Rim is like watching a video game. The effects are amazing, the plot is overly dramatic, and the dialog is pretty bad. But it's a fun movie to watch and a great summer flick. David said rent it, but that the best things about it are experienced in theaters. Lee said see it. Watch or Pass reader consensus also said that Pacific Rim is the best movie they've seen this week!

On DVD: Spring Breakers
Haven't seen this movie because I thought the trailer was terrible, but it's gotten surprisingly good reviews, especially for James Franco's performance. If you want to see James Franco play an underground gangster rap artist with grills, then check this out.

Streaming (Netflix): Hot Coffee
A documentary about the "Hot Coffee" lawsuit, where a lady severely burned her legs after spilling extremely hot McDonald's coffee, is available for free streaming. This case caused quite a controversy when it came out and the media whipped had some pretty polarizing views. The documentary is supposed to specifically focus on the reasons McDonald's invested a lot of money to try and sway public opinion. Should be an interesting watch!

Streaming (HBO Go): Trouble With the Curve
Clint Eastwood's baseball scout movie is a good sports drama. It explores the conflict between old and new, focusing on in person talent evaluation and more modern, statistics based approaches. It's a slow movie, but if you like baseball or sports movies in general, you will enjoy it. It also features great performances by Amy Adams and Justin Timberlake.

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