Friday, September 20, 2013

What to Watch This Weekend: September 20, 2013

Sadly, we missed Battle of the Year 3D and can't make it this week's theater pick.

In Theaters: Prisoners

When the missing child's father feels let down by the law, he uses very disturbing methods to pursue his own investigation. See this dark, twisty mystery for its great acting, twisted morality, and constant suspense.

On DVD: Disconnect
Each of Disconnect's three seemingly unrelated stories explore a different aspect of the dangers of social media. It may sound preachy, but the cast and plots keep you invested in the characters. Unfortunately, the characters' intelligence seems to drop when the stories begin to come together.

Streaming (HBO Go): Argo
Are you one of those people that whined and complained when Ben Affleck was announced as Batman? If so, stop complaining and watch his latest acting and directorial movie, Argo. It had the right combination of comedy and tense drama, and is even more powerful because it is based on actual events. 

Streaming (Amazon): The Source Family
This documentary follows restaurant owner, commune founder, and psychedelic rock band leader Father Yod and his group of 100+ devoted young followers around 1970's Los Angeles. Some admired their strange lifestyle, but the local authorities weren't so appreciative. Learn the history of the family and see interviews with former members.

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