Tuesday, August 4, 2020

A Good Woman Is Hard To Find Review: A Strong Performance Highlights A Character Hacking Away At Life's Problems

Release date: May 8, 2020
Running time: 97 minutes
Starring: Sarah Bolger, Edward Hogg, Andrew Simpson 

Sarah (Bolger), a recently widowed young mother is just trying to survive after the untimely murder of her husband.  She deals with day to day life while trying to manage for her two kids, one of whom is still traumatized by her husbands death.  However, when a chance encounter brings trouble to her front door, she must go to great lengths to protect herself and her family.  

As the name implies, this film focuses on Sarah, the young mother, and it is right to do so.  Bolger is a believable mother who is at the end of her ropes.  She is strong-willed and sympathetic, someone who is a little in over her head but doing what she can to survive.  And throughout this film, her strength shines through and only grows as the rest of her character does.  And the story itself is interesting; despite it seeming like a relatively simple setup the film has a lot more going on than originally meets the eye.  There is more to Sarah's backstory and her current predicament, and this knowledge is dished out as the story progresses.  However, despite having new secrets and revelations, the film never feels convoluted.  It is interesting enough to keep the viewer engaged in the characters and story, but never veers off into anything that is hard to follow.

And the story definitely does a good job of piling it onto the poor mother.  She has some very painful scenes and is forced to make some tough choices.  At times it feels like the world is stacked against this mom as she has to deal with one thing after another.  But thankfully, she perseveres and the result is an interesting movie about a woman pushed to her limits and what she will do in response.  And accompanying this very good story is some stellar music that does a great job of framing the scenes and evoking emotion when needed.  The music will keep you excited when needed and, during some of the more tense scenes, on the edge of your seat.  If there are any negatives to this film, it is that the main bad guys just aren't very intimidating despite the story trying to make them so.  And there are a few lines that I wish had been rewritten to because they were a little absurd.  However, don't let these minor criticisms dissuade you from seeing this entertaining, empowering movie.

Sarah Bolger's great performance, the interesting story, and the pumping soundtrack make A Good Woman Is Hard To Find an easy movie to appreciate.

Watch it.
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