Thursday, August 13, 2020

News: AMC Will Reopen on August 20 With One-Day 15 Cent Movie Tickets

Theaters have been closed since at least March and AMC has a promotion in mind when it finally reopens for business.  And to celebrate this, it is offering 15-cent movie tickets, a throwback to its 1920 opening prices, according to the Associated Press.  AMC expects to offer this price at the 100 cinemas it is reopening, about a sixth of its nationwide theaters.  The chain is touting its reopening as "Movies in 2020 at 1920 Prices."  To locate an AMC near you that is opening, use their locator to check August 20 shows.  This might change as we approach the date.

During its opening-day promotion, AMC will show catalog films, including “Ghostbusters,” “Black Panther,” “Back to the Future” and “Grease," which will continue to play after for $5.  The first new movie that appears to be opening will be Disney's much-delayed "New Mutansts," debuting on August 28.  This will be followed up by another much delayed movie, Christopher Nolan's "Tenent" on September 3.  AMC's plan is to have about two thirds of its theaters open by the time "Tenet" is released.  Warner Bros. is planning to release “Tenet” a week earlier internationally, including in Canada. A handful of smaller new releases are also planned for late August, including “Unhinged,” a thriller from Solstice Studios with Russell Crowe; and Armando Iannucci’s “Personal History of David Copperfield,” from Disney’s Fox Searchlight.

AMC and other chains have said they will operate at reduced capacity to facilitate social distancing, along with increased theater cleaning and required mask wearing.

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