Thursday, August 27, 2020

Interview: Niamh Wilson from All About Who You Know, Indie RomCom with Dylan Everett, David Hewlett, Stephen Joffe


Interview with Niamh Wilson who plays Haley in the Indie Rom Com, All About Who You Know. We discuss her role, what drew her to this film, and get into some spoiler talk at the very end. So give it a watch and if you haven't already seen the film (review here), it is streaming in Canada on Crave and in America on Amazon Prime. All About Who You Know follows contrarian, aspiring screenwriter Cole (Everett) who has a chance meeting with Haley (Wilson), the daughter of Cole's screenwriting idol. After he realizes who she is, he writes his most ambitious script to date by plotting out a rom-com relationship with Haley, all in the hopes of meeting her legendary father and getting a leg up in showbiz. However, Cole's need to always buck trends and not be derivative, while also trying to capture all the perfect scenes, leads to issues for this young couple and his master plan. Written and directed by Jake Horowitz Starring: Dylan Everett, Niamh Wilson, Stephen Joffe, David Hewlett Please subscribe to be updated on the latest videos:

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