Friday, February 19, 2021

Mafia Inc. Review: A Brutal Mix of Business and Family

Sergio Castellitto	...	Francesco 'Frank' Paternò Marc-André Grondin	Marc-André Grondin	...	Vincent 'Vince' Gamache Gilbert Sicotte	Gilbert Sicotte	...	Henri Gamache Mylène Mackay	Mylène Mackay	...	Sofie Gamache Donny Falsetti	Donny Falsetti	...	Giacomo Jr 'Giaco' Paternò Vittorio Rossi	Vittorio Rossi	...	Ricardo Galati Gerry Mendicino	Gerry Mendicino	...	Giacomo Paternò Mike Ricci	Mike Ricci	...	Patrizio Paternò (as Michael Ricci) Domenic Di Rosa	Domenic Di Rosa	...	Donato 'Toto' Russo Luigi Saracino	Luigi Saracino	...	Roberto 'Birdie' Russo Antonio Iammatteo	Antonio Iammatteo	...	Tommaso 'Tommy Yap-Yap' Volpi Benz Antoine	Benz Antoine	...	Sergent Brassens Paul Karl Farah	Karl Farah	...	Caporal Pierre Marois Roman Pagliaro	Roman Pagliaro	...	Caporal Mario Puglisi Toni Ellwand	Toni Ellwand	...	Anna Paternò

Release date: February 19, 2021
Running time: 134 minutes
Cast: Sergio Castellito, Cristina Rosato, Marc-Andre Grondin, Mylene Lackay,
Donny Falsetti, Vittorio Ossi, Gerry Mendicio, Mike Ricci
Directed by: Daniel Grou (Podz)
Written by: Sylvain Guy (Screenplay) Andre Cedilot, Andre Noel (Book)

Based on the non-fiction bestseller “Mafia Inc: The Long, Bloody Reign of Canada's Sicilian Clan” by André Cédilot and André Noël.  In 1994, Frank Paterno (Sergio Castellitto), a Montreal mafia boss, hopes to legitimize his criminal operations by investing $180 million in an ambitious bridge project that would connect Sicily with southern Italy. First, however, he has to recover the necessary funds from his Greek creditor. Frank entrusts this mission to his protégé Vincent (Marc-André Grondin), the son of tailor Henri Gamache (Gilbert Sicotte), who has been dressing the Paternos for three generations. But after Vincent executes a ruthless plan to smuggle millions in drugs out of Venezuela, his reprehensible tactics ignite a war between the two families.

Cristina Rosato	...	Vicky Di Renzi Guy Thauvette	Guy Thauvette	...	Juge Guido Grasso	Guido Grasso	...	Maître de cérémonie Randi Katz	Randi Katz	...	Chanteuse Ralph Santostefano	Ralph Santostefano	...	Lino Russo Nick Skokos	Nick Skokos	...	Salvatore 'Mad Sal' Scarpa Pina Di Blasi	Pina Di Blasi	...	Catarina Paternò   Produced by  Marleen Beaulieu	...	executive producer Antonello Cozzolino	...	producer Valérie d'Auteuil	...	producer Louise Lantagne	...	executive producer André Rouleau	...	producer Patrick Roy	...	executive producer Richard Speer	...	executive producer   Directed by  Daniel Grou	Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)   André Cédilot	...	(Based on the book ''Mafia Inc.'') Sylvain Guy	...	(screenplay) André Noël	...	(Based on the book ''Mafia Inc.'')
Mafia Inc. drops you right into the brutality of this world with a scene that shows the cunning and ruthlessness of Vincent (Grondin).  It is a stark reminder of just how cold this business is, and the lengths that the protégé would go to make sure his plan would succeed.  Grodin is energetic as Vincent, and his 90s style and business moves show just how far he will go to please the family.  But the film is not all brutality.  It mainly follows the charismatic leader Frank Paterno (Castellito).  And Castellito does a wonderful job as the mafia boss, balancing the charisma needed to keep everyone in line along with a cold ruthlessness to get what he wants.  I was often on edge watching him because I just didn't know if he would be beneficial or severe in his interactions.  But aside from these two powerful figures, the film is just well cast throughout.  The entire family and surrounding crews are believable and make this mafia world come to life.  The strong cast of character and true events behind it give this film an air of authenticity that can be missing in some Hollywood crime films.

The movie has a high energy style that belies the intrigue in the film; the strong performances really propel this forward.  From the setting, to the commitment to the time period (I really loved Grodin's large mustache and overall style), this movie really comes to life.  And don't worry, there is plenty of action and excitement in this film, but what I really loved seeing were the family interactions and business dealings.  It lets you see how this business operated and the mix of love and callousness that flowed from it.  And these slower parts really give you a chance to get to know everyone in this family drama, so when big events and decisions happen, it is more impactful and hits home.  Mafia Inc., like any good crime movie, has a solid mix of brutality, intrigue, business, and family. It feels at home with any of the other great crime family dramas, and should not be missed.  

Mafia Inc.'s strong mix of brutality, intrigue, business, and familyfueled by stellar performances from Catellito and Grondinmake this film an offer you can't refuse.

Watch it.

Mafia Crime Family Sicily Italian Mob Mobster Violence Drama Action Brutal Brutality

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