Thursday, February 25, 2021

Take Me To Tarzana Review: An Office Space Style Craziness

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Release date: February 19, 2021
Running time: 106 minutes
Starring: Samantha Robinson, Jonathan Bennett, and Andrew Creer
Directed By: Maceo Greenberg

“Take Me To Tarzana” is a comedy that follows Miles (Creer) and Jane (Robinson) as they struggle to survive in the corporate jungle at Teleplex, a top data-mining company. After they learn their lecherous boss has been secretly recording the women in the office—they hatch a plan to take him down, enlisting the help of Jameson (Bennett), a trust fund party-boy and occasional friend of Miles. Their mundane 9-to-5 becomes much more than an HR headache as they come into possession of Teleplex's true nefarious business model and are forced into a climactic showdown with its maniacal, Tarzan-obsessed CEO. 

Produced by  Jake Bloom	...	associate producer Aaron Brenner	...	producer Maceo Greenberg	...	producer Reaya Investment Group	...	executive producer Cameron Hahn	...	co-producer Kevin Harding	...	producer Paris Herbert-Taylor	...	assistant producer Roberta Marie Munroe	...	co-producer Reiko Napier	...	producer John Neu	...	associate producer Denny Nolan	...	co-producer Laura Picklesimer	...	co-producer Desiree Staples	...	producer Clayton VanNortwick	...	producer (as Clayton Van Nortwick)Music by   Directed by  Maceo Greenberg	Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)   Maceo Greenberg
Take Me To Tarzana has a definite Office Space vibe, but with more crude humor and some crazier characters.  The film has a horrible boss, some employees that are just beaten down at their jobs, and an ultimately crazy situation.  But the film goes much further than the classic comedy, with a scheme and situation that goes into far more ridiculous territory.  And although the film does try to take Office Space to the nth degree, a lot of the look and feel of the movie do feel similar.  You have the somewhat boring but hard working Miles, who is the most relatable of the crew.  Robinson does a good job as Jane, who has to deal with some pretty questionable situations.  And then you have Miles's friend Jameson (Bennett) who adds several layers of ridiculousness to the movie.  He is a little intense at first but definitely grows on you as the film progresses.

However, it feels like Take Me To Tarzana pushes the envelope in some ways, but the humor just didn't hit with me.  A slacker comedy relies on its craziness and characters to get you to laugh and although there was plenty of craziness and some over the top characters, I just did not find the jokes that funny.  Maybe it is because of the smaller cast of main characters, or that the crazy friend is mostly limited to one friend, but I just didn't laugh like I thought I would.  And the plot kind of goes off the deep end, as you would expect from this type of a film, but I didn't want to follow it along for that.  It might just be my sense of humor, so don't instantly write this off on my account.  There were many ridiculous situations and funny jokes, but overall I just didn't enjoy this movie as much as I expected to.  And I will say that the film became more enjoyable as I was watching it, and all the characters endeared themselves to me.  But overall I was expecting laugh out loud hilariousness.  

Take Me To Tarzana has an Office Space feel with the ridiculousness of the story and characters kicked up several notches. 

Rent it.

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Take Me To Tarzana is available digitally and on demand on February 19, 2021.

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