Thursday, August 26, 2021

Rushed Review: A Dramatic Look At Hazing And Grief

Release date: August 27, 2021
Running time: 101 minutes
Directed By: Vibeke Muasya
Written By: Siobhan Fallon Hogan
Starring: Siobhan Fallon Hogan, Robert Patrick, Jake Weary, Jay Jay Warren, Lily Rosenthal

A grieving mother goes on a question for answers and revenge after her son dies during a fraternity party.  Her quest for answers and stories of other grieving parents will lead her to some very unexpected places and people.

Rushed is a few different types of movies in one as you follow Barbara (Siobhan Fallon Hogan) in her quest for justice and change.  The film starts with a great introduction to both the family and to the fraternity ritual of hazing.  This gives a nice contrast as well, showing the family's perception of what is happening at college versus the reality of what is happening.  It was a well done, layered intro to this.  But after this intro, the film also surprises in what topics it addresses.  Rushed is part drama, part redemption story, part quest for justice, and part thriller, all of which are mixed together to create this story.

And through all of this, the film is fueled by Siobhan Fallon Hogan's great performance.  Through much of it, she is the only constant character on screen as she seeks answers and understanding for what happened.  This lets you see her stretch her emotional acing but also showcases her character's humor and humanity during this.  But that is not to say that the other actors in this film are not equally well cast.  Robert Patrick as the father does a great job and I liked seeing how he and Barbara experienced grief differently.  And Jay Jay Warren as Jimmy was a pleasant surprise; he is such a great actor and in Rushed you get to see his likeable personality and dramatic chops early on. And even Jake Weary as Steven was well cast, though his character was not that enjoyable.  He has the unenviable job of being the heel in this film and he does that perfectly.

But what Rushed does so well is depict fraternity hazing.  The incident itself was tough to watch but also seemed accurately portrayed.  And the attitudes and pressures of fraternity life and of the hazing rituals were likewise well done.  If there were any criticisms of the film, I did not love the shift in tone towards the end of it, but it did make for an exciting and impactful ending, so I guess it can be forgiven.  And also, the film does clearly have a message about hazing and the dangers of it, but I would have liked to see something more about the positive relationships that can occur through fraternity.  It would have made the message mixed, but I feel like it would have been a more accurate representation of the good and the bad.  

But, all that being said, Rushed is a really good movie that will take you on a journey.  Rushed mixes drama, grief, and thriller to create a compelling fraternity hazing story fueled by Siobhan Fallon Hogan's amazing performance and an intense opening and conclusion. 

Watch it.

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Rushed is available in theaters, digitally, and on demand on August 27, 2021.  

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