Friday, August 6, 2021

Teddy Review: A French Werewolf Film That Just Does Not Sink Its Teeth Into You

Anthony Bajon	Anthony Bajon	...	Teddy Pruvost Christine Gautier	Christine Gautier	...	Rebecca Ludovic Torrent	Ludovic Torrent	...	Pépin Lebref Guillaume Mattera	Guillaume Mattera	...	Benjamin Jean-Michel Ricart	Jean-Michel Ricart		 Alain Boitel	Alain Boitel		 Noémie Lvovsky	Noémie Lvovsky	...	Ghislaine

Release date: August 5, 2021 Running time: 88 minutes Directed By: Ludovic Boukherma and Zoran Boukherma Starring: Anthony Bajon (The Prayer), Ludovic Torrent, Christine Gautier, Noémie Lvovsky, Guillaume Mattera, Jean-Paul Fabre, Alexis Orlandini, Gérard Pau and Jean-Michel Ricart Twentysomething Teddy lives in a foster home and works as a temp in a massage parlor. Rebecca, his girlfriend, will soon graduate. A scorching hot summer begins. But Teddy is scratched by a beast in the woods: the wolf that local angry farmers have been hunting for months. As weeks go by, animal impulses soon start to overcome the young man.

Produced by  Gregory Chambet	...	associate producer Pierre-Louis Garnon	...	producer Frédéric Jouve	...	co-producer Dimitri Stephanides	...	associate producerMusic by  Amaury Chabauty	Cinematography by  Augustin Barbaroux	Film Editing by  Ludovic Boukherma	 Zoran Boukherma	 Beatrice Herminie	Art Direction by  Linda Yi	Costume Design by  Clara René	Makeup Department  Flore Chandes	...	makeup artistProduction Management  Damien Grégoire	...	production manager Chloé Nivet	...	assistant production manager Nicolas Trabaud	...	production managerSecond Unit Director or Assistant Director  Mario Maquedano	...	third assistant director Maxence Paris	...	second assistant director Elsa Rysto	...	second assistant director Célie Valdenaire	...	first assistant directorArt Department  Natalia Grabundzija	...	assistant art director Matthieu Moillet	...	propsSound Department  Clément Badin	...	sound editor / supervising sound editor Florent Castellani	...	boom operator Rémi Chanaud	...	dialogue editor / sound Lionel Guenoun	...	re-recording mixer Florian Penot	...	foley artist Théo Serror	...	A.D.R. editorSpecial Effects by  Christophe Calcus	...	special effects coordinator Valérie Daures	...	special effects technician
Teddy is a strange werewolf film, but one that has its moments. It starts with a sinister opening that sets the stage with bright colors and an old school style. And Teddy takes its time developing the story, preferring to have Teddy's transformation occur throughout the film. You see hints of what will happen, as he develops a taste for meat, becomes more aggressive, and starts to notice hair in new places; but overall the film takes its time. And during this transformation, there are some painful looking scenes as Teddy tries to forestall the inevitable.

But Teddy is a strange film with an old school look to it that does not help with the enjoyment. The film feels like it is from another era, with cameras that seem a little too blurry or low resolution to get a good feel across. The film feels quirky with some characters that are meant to be funny, but just didn't translate well to an American audience. Maybe there is more humor in the original French dialogue, but in the subtitles the jokes just did not land for me. And although the movie has some good effects building up to the transformation, the actual end result is a let down. The film seems to go more CG for the final sequences, which breaks your disbelief and is a strange departure for a film that mostly stayed with well done practical effects up to that point. And overall, the slow pace hurts the film as it feels like nothing happens. The story is not exciting and even parts that should be did not keep my attention. And despite the slow build up, there are some abrupt character changes that just don't make much sense. And overall, the film just does not seem to deliver the payoff that is promised from the slow build up.

Teddy's slowly built story and good practical effects are hampered by a lack of tension and a style that might cause the viewers to lose interest before the moon becomes full.

Pass on it.

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