Friday, August 13, 2021

What to Watch This Weekend: Free Guy, CODA, Raging Fire, Respect, Slasher Flesh and Blood, Luca, Those Who Wish Me Dead, Easy Does It

For A Heartfelt Family Drama: CODA (Theaters and Apple TV+)
CODA is a treat for the eyes and ears, with a beautiful look at a tight knit family that faces both unique and universal challenges as they struggle to deal with life, growing together, and growing apart.  For more information, check out the review!

For A Next Level Video Game Comedy: Free Guy (Theaters)
Free Guy is a love letter to video games and to Ryan Reynolds with an over the top premise, plenty of cameos and Easter Eggs, and a story that will have you cheering until it is game over.   For more information, check out the review!

For A Martial Arts Police Procedural: Raging Fire (Theaters)
Raging Fire is a showcase for Yen and Tse, with fantastic, brutal action, great style, and a police procedural plot that pits these two superstars against each other in a climactic conclusion.  For more information, check out the review!

For A Soulful Docu-Drama: Respect (Theaters)
Respect's all star cast and courage to explore the good and the bad of Aretha's journey will give you a new appreciation of the Queen of Soul's life, music, and the challenges that crafted this strong icon.  For more information, check out the review

For A Throwback Action Thriller: Those Who Wish Me Dead (Redbox)
Those Who Wish Me Dead is a 90s style action thriller with an all star cast and great direction.  For more information, check out the review!

For The Kids: Luca (Redbox)
Luca is in the vein of A Little Mermaid, but its beautiful animation, imaginative story, and focus on tolerance and being yourself is a timeless message that appeals to kids and adults alike!  For more information, check out the review!

For A Horror-Based Family Drama: Slasher: Flesh and Blood (Shudder)
Slasher: Flesh and Blood has a Knives Out feel, with a dysfunctional family forced back to the patriarchs estate for a deadly reunion.  I liked the characters and the overall drama, as well as the addition of a killer in the midst!!

For A Fun, Indie Road Trip: Easy Does It (IMDBTV Free With Ads)
Easy Does It is a breath of fresh indie air. The film's cast of quirky, fun characters, entertaining story, style, and fantastic music fuels a wonderfully enjoyable road trip!  For more information, check out our review!

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