Thursday, June 25, 2020

aTypical Wednesday Review: Irreverent, Original Comedy Takes J. Lee On A Hilarious Journey Of Self-Discovery

Release date: June 26, 2020
Running time: 90 minutes
Starring: J. Lee, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Seth Green 

In aTypical Wednesday, Gabe (Lee) seems to have it all together: a growing business, great physical shape, and a wonderful girlfriend.  On top of that, every Wednesday he goes to therapy to work on improving himself.  However, one Wednesday, he unknowingly embarks on an adventure with Alec (Cooper J. Friedman), another patient at his therapist's office, that will change his life and perspective forever. 

This film is written by, directed by, and stars J Lee, and you can tell that this is his passion project.  His character is the center of the film, and his personal and emotional growth form much of the humor and conflict in this movie.  Lee plays a complicated character, with insecurities and issues inside his outwardly confident exterior.  It is a fine line, and one that he treads well.  When he is joined by Alec, the two have a fun big brother / little brother rapport that works very well.  It brings out a lot of Gabe's good character aspects and the very different personalities of the two characters are fun to watch.  Gabe's girlfriend Millie (Raver-Lampman) is great as a strong, female foil to Gabe.  And Seth Green is always funny, playing a financial backer to Gabe's business and a former lover of Gabe's girlfriend.  This financial and personal interest also forms some intrigue and helps to unlock a lot of Gabe's insecurities.  

This movie is all about the characters and the writing, and thankfully the writing is sharp and funny.  Lee writes some laugh out loud moments and some very fresh comedic perspectives.  When Gabe takes on a mentor / big brother role to Alec, there is a lot of humor in his parenting style compared to Alec's own.  Gabe takes a more realistic, personal responsibility approach that is fun to see.  He also mentors Alec to get confidence and overcome his own doubts, which ends up backfiring a little.  But as Gabe learns from Alec, he also learns much more about himself.  The story is set to a single day, but is involved enough that you never get bored.  Gabe and Alec have plenty going on that day, and their back and forth trying to get Alec home while Gabe has one catastrophe after another keeps the story moving along.  It is rare to have a movie that is outwardly funny and actually introspective; and it is a wonderful way to highlight real problems in the middle of an entertaining story.  

aTypical Wednesday is an irreverent, original, and fresh comedy that takes J. Lee on a journey of self discovery that will have you rooting for and learning from him while laughing out loud.

Watch it.
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