Friday, September 25, 2020

I've Got Issues Review: A Movie-Length Sketch Comedy Show

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Release date: September 18, 2020
Running time: 88 minutes
Starring: Macon Blair, Claire Titelman, Maria Thayer

Self-loathing, loneliness, death, discrimination, injustice, oppression, and the atom bomb, I’ve Got Issues is a unique comic world inhabited by sensitive souls trying to survive the pain of living in a cruel world. In a dead-pan tone, the film asks the big questions: “What are we supposed to do with all the hurt?” “What’s the point?” The film builds an answer out of intertwining stories of characters swallowed in darkness, yet still finding light.

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I've got issues has a dry, quirky vibe that evokes a style similar to Office Space.  Like office space, it has a muted acting style, with some funny because they are being serious scenarios.  There are quirky characters (who are recycled occasionally or take on other roles) throughout the film and their interactions and observations form a lot of what makes this film fun.  The characters all have muted dress, muted emotions, and an overly serious style that leads to some fun situations.  It also occasionally offers insights into individuality and spiritualism, as well as identity.  That seems to be the general thought with this film and some of the important questions it asks. 

However, I've Got Issues feels more like a long sketch comedy show and less a coherent story.  It feels like an hour and a half episode of Upright Citizens Brigade, but without the inherent craziness of that show.  Some of the ridiculousness builds, but it never gets too over the top.  And there are several funny moments and sequences, but they didn't approach laugh out loud for me.  And for a film whose tagline is "What's the point," I found myself asking this question frequently when watching this film.  I appreciated its style, some of its comedic bits, and the originality that went into it, but I also felt like the muted style hurt it in the end.  And the collection of sketches were funny, but didn't have the glue sticking them together that I wanted.  

I've Got Issues feels like a movie-length sketch comedy show, with a dry, muted comedic style, lots of characters, and serious, funny situations. 

Rent it.

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