Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Fiona Whitelaw (Writer and Star) Interview for Acceptable Damage, Teen Neurodivergent Bullying Drama

Fiona Whitelaw, writer, star, and associate producer of Acceptable Damage joins us for an insightful interview.  Acceptable Damage is a new teen drama that follows an Aspergic teen who is facing constant bullying by a local gang.  We discuss Fiona's inspiration for this story, what it was like to write, star in, and produce the movie, and some of her other amazing work on mental health and youth issues!

So give it a watch (review here) and make sure to check out the film, which is available on all major digital distributors.  Review here: 

Acceptable Damage stars Fiona Whitelaw, Elijah Baker, Jack Brett Anderson, and Elinor Machen-Fortune.  Directed by Lavinia Simina (who also stars in it).

Lucy and her Aspergic daughter Katy are under siege from a street gang. The gang leader Rabbit wants to make them feel as low as he has been made to feel; as he fights a war against himself and the world around him.

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