Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Kieron J. Walsh (Director) Interview for The Racer, starring Louis Talpe, Tara Lee, and Iain Glen

Cast includes: Louis Talpe	Louis Talpe	...	Dominique Chabol Matteo Simoni	Matteo Simoni	...	Lupo 'Tartare' Marino Tara Lee	Tara Lee	...	Dr. Lynn Brennan Iain Glen	Iain Glen	...	'Sonny' McElhone Karel Roden	Karel Roden	...	Viking Timo Wagner	Timo Wagner	...	Stefano Drago Sarah Carroll	Sarah Carroll	...	Stewardess

Kieron J. Walsh, director, co-writer, and executive producer of The Racer joins us for an insightful interview.  The Racer is a new sports drama that takes place during the 1998 Tour de France, when the race was held in Ireland.  It follows Dom, a domestique whose job is to support the main rider.  We discuss Kieron's fascination with the Tour de France, his first experience with it, and even ask about his own performance enhancers (spoilers, it's nothing illegal)!

So give it a watch (review here) and make sure to check out the film, which is available on all major digital distributors. 

The Racer stars Louis Talpe, Matteo Simoni, Tara Lee, Iain Glen

The Racer follows Dom (Talpe), a rider who is racing the Tour de France in a team managed by his long time friend Sonny (Glen).  Being However, Dom is what is known as a domestique, someone who will never win a leg but is there to make sure that the star of the team finishes first.  He takes care of the details and the team, ensures everyone is hydrated during the race, and leads the pack so that the star Tartare (Simoni) can have just that little bit extra to push through to victory.  However, Dom is tired from never winning the race, of being the adult in the room, and from the constant strain on his body.  But a new relationship with Lynn (Lee) and a plethora of personal challenges cause him to rethink his priorities and his life.    

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