Thursday, November 5, 2020

Interview: Emily Peachey of Fishbowl, Indie Gem About Crisis of Family and Faith with Rick Kain, Belle Shickle

Emily Peachey, who plays Rachel in Fishbowl, joins for a discussion about this wonderful film. We discuss the film, how she prepared to play Rachel, and what it was like filming this family and religious drama. We also discuss which of the sisters she relates to more!

So give it a watch and make sure to check out Fishbowl, available digitally and on demand! For more information and for links to rent or purchase, check out the review! Starring: Emily Peachey, Belle Shickle, Caroline Coleman, Rick Kain Directors: Alexa Kinigopoulos, Stephen Kinigopoulos Synopsis: In a small town filled with secrets, three sisters are forced to cling to each other as they cope with loss and a father who's growing increasingly obsessed with the rapture he thinks is coming. The sisters (Peachey, Shickle, and Coleman) are forced to endure hardships at home and at school, with the only people they can rely on being themselves. And as their father (Kain)'s behavior becomes increasingly dogmatic and erratic, the sisters are put in a difficult situation while facing small town judgments. They are good, but slightly rebellious girls who are forced to deal with the sins of their father and the judgmental looks of those around them. They are constantly put in a difficult situation of following his erratic directions and wanting to live their own, normal lives. Please subscribe to be updated on the latest videos!

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