Sunday, November 29, 2020

Unboxing: Trompie and Upondo & Nkinsela DVDs - South African Retro Afrika Cult Classic Films

Unboxing two films from IndiePix Films Retro Afrika Bioscope label, which looks for classic 70s and 80s South African films, then digitally restores them for releases outside of South Africa. This is the first time either of these films have been available in North America!

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Trompie (1975): The only feature film adapted from Topsy Smith's incredibly popular book series, Trompie is set in 1970's Apartheid South Africa in the picturesque little town of Kwaggaberg, and follows Trompie Torien (Andre Laubscher), the leader ofa neighborhood "gang", and his three mischief-making pals: Blikkies, Rooie, and little Dawie. Together, they're known as the Boksombende, and they're typical 12 year-olds, full of brilliant ideas and escapades, and whenever they find themselves in a pickle, they talk their way out of trouble, repentant or not! 84 minutes, Afrikaans with English subtitles Upondo & Nkinsela (1984): Pondo and Nkinsela are two haphazard, dysfunctional friends who end up going on a series of crazy adventures. From ruining a bride's wedding day to destroying a client's hairdo in a beauty salon, to escaping a ghost, talent agents, and mob bosses, the two friends always seem to come out on top despite the havoc they cause wherever they go, in a feature-length series of 13 vignettes. 72 minutes, Zulu with English subtitles

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