Saturday, October 9, 2021

Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes Review: A Clever Premise That Makes A Charming, Mind-Bending Indie Film

Release date: October 9, 2021
Running time: 98 minutes
Directed By: Junta Yamaguchi
Written By: Makoto Ueda
Starring: Kazunori Tosa, Aki Asakura, Gota Ishida, Riko Fujitan, Masashi Suwa, Yoshifumi Sakai, Haruki Nakagawa, Takashi Sumita, Munenori Nagano, Chikara Honda

Closing down his café for the night, Kato heads upstairs to his apartment and is shocked to see himself on his computer screen — only this Kato is speaking to him from the café computer two minutes in the future. A wild sci-fi romp ensues as Kato and his friends try to figure out this strange phenomenon and how to twist it to their advantage. Mind-blowing in its execution, this one-take time loop adventure from Japan shot on an iPhone is a true achievement in low-budget indie filmmaking that'll have you asking, how did they do that? 

Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes is a fantastic example of budget indie filmmaking done right.  All it takes is a very clever idea, solid execution, some creativity, and a full commitment to the endeavor and you have one of the most clever scifi movies I've seen this year.  I loved the premise, which was so simple but built several layers on top of it to create an ultimately mind bending but still entertaining film.  The premise become more and more complicated, but it kept the charm that made it so interesting at the start.

And I also loved the cast.  I thought at first that given how complicated the idea ended up being, that it would try to keep the cast small but the film ended up having several very different and quirky characters that you got to know.  I like how they each offered something different to the overall story, and each contributed something to the endeavor.  And the film also has some great cinematography to sell this, including some very long and complex one takes that make you wonder how this was actually filmed on an iPhone.  Aside from the cleverness factor, the result is just something that is a pure, complicated joy to watch.

Side note, make sure to watch the credits in this film as there are some behind the scenes shots that show just how difficult this was to make.  It will let you appreciate some of the time-bending paradoxes that they had to deal with and the lengths that the camera crew (and the whole cast in fact) went to for this film.

Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes is indie filmmaking done right, with a seemingly simple premise that builds in complexity, a clever story, and a wonderful cast that bring this mind-bending film to life.

Watch it.

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Beyond The Infinite Two Minutes is premiering at Nighstream 2021 on October 9, 2021.  Keep your eyes open for future chances to view it. 

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