Friday, October 8, 2021

Justin Bieber Our World Review: An Interesting Look At The Superstar

Release date: October 8, 2021
Running time: 95 minutes
Directed by: Michael D. Ratner 

A small camera crew follows the two-time Grammy®-winning artist and his longtime collaborators through rehearsals, construction of the massive set on the rooftop and painstaking planning for live streaming the concert to millions. Bieber himself, alongside his wife Hailey, supplements the coverage with self-shot videos, bringing the audience into their home and daily routine.  But before the 240 invited guests can line the balconies of the hotel suites overlooking the stage, an array of challenges threatens to derail the ambitious undertaking, including strict Covid-19 protocols, a rare Los Angeles thunderstorm and a last-minute rush by fans to log into the livestream. Finally Bieber, backed by his dancers, band and an army of stagehands, delivers an electrifying performance amid a spectacular array of lights, lasers and pyrotechnic effects. From the wistful “Boyfriend” to an emotional “Holy,” dedicated to Hailey, the artist’s often autobiographical songs have the elated concertgoers singing and dancing along with him.

The Justin Bieber movie actually comes off as much more watchable than I expected it would be.  Bieber portrays himself as a genuinely good person, a little egotistical but he has every right to be.  But he seems to be a good husband who cares about his family, his life, and the crew that have been with him for all of his adult life.  He also shows how involved he is in aspects of the show, going over choreography, lighting, stage design, and everything else you wouldn't expect a megastar to dip their toes into.  And the film also features plenty of Bieber music for fans to enjoy.  I liked hearing the songs and revisiting those that I knew while discovering some new hits I never listened to.  

But where Our World doesn't’ make the most sense is in the title.  The film is more about Justin Bieber and those around him, rather than about Justin Bieber’s relationship with his fans.  And let me be clear, that would be a fine and interesting movie, but in calling it Our World, I expected this to have a larger connection.  And the film’s main focus is whether or not a concert will happen during COVID and all the protocols that Justin and crew had to go through to make it happen. But there is no mystery in the event as the film also shows video clips from the concert while you watch the build up and drama.  It took a lot of the dramatic aspect out of this film because you already know the end result.  

Justin Bieber, Our World gives a behind the scenes look at the international artist and profiles those around him, but the focus on Bieber and crew loses the “our” aspect.

Rent it.
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