Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend Box Office: May 26 - 29, 2013

Overstuffed with popular new and recent releases, theaters took in an estimated $316 million this Memorial Day weekend, significantly beating the previous record of $277 million set in 2011. Fast & Furious 6 ran over its competition, having the fourth-best Memorial Day weekend of all time with $120 million. The Hangover Part III may have been hurt by its poor critical reception and franchise fatigue, grossing about half of what Part II made during that 2011 record-setting weekend. Epic opened in line with other Blue Sky productions that aren't part of the Ice Age franchise, taking in $33 million by Sunday night.

This May featured a strong, varied group of blockbusters, shown by continued interest in Iron Man, Star Trek, and Gatsby. Into Darkness nearly beat The Hangover, but it's barely outpacing the previous movie which may indicate a lack of audience growth. Mud continues to do well as the largest indie release, while Frances Ha and Before Midnight, the weekend's other new sequel, fared well in very limited numbers of theaters. Midnight only showed on 5 screens, but those theaters must have been packed because its three-day per-screen average exceeded $54,000, more than doubling Fast 6's $26,935. Read more about the box office here, and see the three and four day weekend estimates here and here.

Top 10 box office estimates for May 26 - 28, 2013 (Friday - Sunday):

1. Fast & Furious 6; $96,791,000; $120,019,000 total; opening weekend

2. The Hangover Part III; $41,775,000; $63,004,000 total; opening weekend

3. Star Trek Into Darkness; $37,284,000; $155,827,000 total; -46.9%; 2nd weekend

4. Epic; $33,500,000; $42,600,000 total; opening weekend

5. Iron Man 3; $19,213,000; $372,434,000 total; -46.3%; 4th weekend

6. The Great Gatsby; $13,620,000; $117,747,000 total; -43.1%; 3rd weekend

7. Mud; $1,928,000; $15,034,000 total; +8.7%; 5th weekend

8. 42; $1,928,000; $91,411,000 total; -42.9%; 7th weekend

9. The Croods; $1,220,000; $179,638,000 total; -59.7%; 10th weekend

10. Oblivion; $840,000; $87,558,000 total; -64.1%; 6th weekend

*Frances Ha; $546,000; $912,000 total; 2nd weekend

*Before Midnight; $247,000; $322,000 total; opening weekend

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