Friday, May 17, 2013

What to Watch This Weekend: May 17, 2013

In Theaters: Star Trek Into Darkness
Although this movie is not perfect, it's flaws are outweighed by it's fun characters, beautiful special effects, and fun overall experience.  It's definitely an enjoyable summer movie that fans of the first Star Trek will love.  The 3D is great and adds depth to the movie, especially the space flight scenes.  And, as we said in the review, it's definitely a see it.

On DVD: Cloud Atlas
Sure, the film adaptation of the wonderful David Mitchell novel was long and tough to follow, but you have to respect the Wachowski brothers for attempting a movie of this magnitude.  The star-studded cast is fun to watch, and although the story doesn't weave together perfectly, I love what they attempted to do with this movie.  It would have been a rental if we had reviewed it so now is your chance to check it out.

Streaming (Netflix Instant): Cabin in the Woods
I thought Cabin in the Woods was just going to be a trashy, sexy teenagers get killed in the woods horror movie, but David Goddard and Joss Whedon's film is anything but that.  Met with tremendous critical acclaim (92% on Rotton Tomatoes), this movie's many plot twists should leave you guessing at what will happen next while enjoying the special effects.

Streaming (Amazon Prime Instant Video): The High Cost of Living
In honor of Zach Braff's successfully kickstarted movie, to which Anna Kendrick has recently signed onto, check out this Tribeca Film, the High Cost of Living.  The movie is a thought provoking drama about two lives that randomly collide with tragic consequences.  

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