Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weekend Box Office: May 17-19, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness opened with an estimated $70.5 million gross. Though slightly less than its 2009 predecessor's $75.2 million opening, Into Darkness opened on Thursday which brings its opening four days to $84 million (though, technically, that also compares unfavorably to the $86.7 million taken in by Trek by the end of its fourth day). The numbers are decent, especially when combined with the $80.5 million international gross for a worldwide total of over $164 million, but Paramount reportedly expected the domestic take to exceed $100 million by this point. 

Also notable is that Star Trek (2009) did not benefit from a 3D surcharge. Still, the international market has greatly expanded over the years, and Into Darkness should easily overtake 2009's somewhat low $385 million worldwide total. Domestically, I don't see it faring very well against next weekend's Fast & Furious 6 and Hangover Part III, followed a week later by Will Smith's sci-fi film After Earth. Trek 2009's only second week competition was Angels & Demons, whose $46.2 million opening pales in comparison to the $85 million+ openings of both Fast Five and The Hangover Part II.

Iron Man 3 finally fell to number two with $35.2 million. Internationally, it's grossed over a billion dollars, significantly beating the prior films which both ended around $600 million. Gatsby is at number three with $23.4 million. The Croods continues to bring in families in its ninth weekend. Worldwide, it's barely outperformed Pixar's Brave, and is currently Dreamworks Animation's ninth-highest grossing film. (In the U.S., it likely won't beat the popular How to Train Your Dragon, only beaten here by the four Shrek films.) Fast & Furious 6 opened in the United Kingdom with $13.8 million, the U.K.'s best opening for the series and its second-highest of 2013 behind Iron Man 3. Read more about this weekend's box office here and the rest of the domestic box office here.

Top 10 box office estimates for the weekend of May 17-19, 2013:

1. Star Trek Into Darkness; $70,555,000; $84,091,000 total, opening weekend

2. Iron Man 3; $35,182,000; $337,073,000 total; -51.5%; 3rd weekend

3. The Great Gatsby; $23,415,000; $90,159,000 total; -53.2%; 2nd weekend

4. Pain and Gain; $3,100,000; $46,574,000 total; -38.0%; 4th weekend

5. The Croods; $2,750,000; $176,750,000 total; -23.8%; 9th weekend

6. 42; $2,530,000; $88,735,000 total; -40.5%; 6th weekend

7. Oblivion; $2,222,000; $85,500,500 total; -46%; 5th weekend

8. Mud; $2,160,000; $11,588,000; -14.9%; 4th weekend

9. Tyler Perry Presents Peeples; $2,150,000; $7,858,000; -53.4%; 2nd weekend

10. The Big Wedding; $1,100,000; $20,198,000; -55.8%; 4th weekend

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