Thursday, April 16, 2020

News: Lionsgate Announces "Lionsgate Live" Free Friday Movie Streams

Lionsgate announced a series of free Friday movie streams called "Lionsgate Live."  The program will stream four select movies for the next four Saturdays, These streams will be hosted by Jamie Lee Curtis, who will share her own movie stories as well as interview special guests at each show.  And importantly, Lionsgate will donate--and ask fans watching the streams to also donate--to the Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation, which is dedicated to helping workers throughout the motion picture industry.  The livestreams will occur on Lionsgate’s YouTube page and Fandango’s Movieclips YouTube page

The free movies that will livestream on Fridays at 6:00pm PT/9:00pm ET are:
  • April 17 – “The Hunger Games” 
  • April 24 – “Dirty Dancing”
  • May 1 – “La La Land” 
  • May 8 – “John Wick” (age registration required)
“There’s nothing that will replace the magic of seeing a movie together with your fellow moviegoers in a theater on a big screen, but this is a chance for America to come together to recreate the experience,” said Joe Drake, chairman, Lionsgate Motion Picture Group. “This is a great chance to show the country’s theatrical employees how much we miss going to their theaters and how much we support them. Jamie Lee Curtis – a woman who literally grew up with the movies and movie theaters – is one of the world’s biggest movie fans, so it’s a real thrill that she’ll be our host for this event. Let's have some fun watching some classic movies together at home while celebrating moviegoing!”

John Fithian, president and CEO, National Association of Theatre Owners, added, “Throughout the 125-year history of the cinema, this is the first time that movie theaters have been shut down across the country. Whether it was the Depression, wars, disasters, or local calamities, movie theaters have always been a gathering place where audiences can come together to laugh and be moved, reacting as one, to put their troubles behind them or forget about their hard week at work, and just get lost in the amazing stories on the big screen. Until we can gather again in our nation’s theaters, we’re grateful to Lionsgate for honoring the theatrical moviegoing experience and we are thrilled to join together with them over these next four Fridays, not only to see four classic movies for free, but also to allow fans and celebrities to share their own moviegoing memories. We love that so many people will be talking about what makes going to the movies so unique and memorable.”

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