Thursday, April 30, 2020

Review: Dennis and Lois

Release date: April 28, 2020
Running time: 85 minutes
Starring: Dennis Anderson, Lois Kahlert, Liam Gallagher

Dennis and Lois is a documentary film about the ultimate rock and roll groupies.  Dennis Anderson and Lois Kahlert started going to Ramones shows in the 70s, and their great attitude and desire to help quickly caused them to become unofficial merch sellers for the band.  They followed the band through tours and developed close friendships with them.  And through this--and their love of all things rock and roll--they became a mainstay of the New York rock scene and beyond.

Dennis and Lois is such an interesting documentary because the main subjects are so quirky and have lived such an interesting life.  They know a ton of rockers and are legends in the scene.  But they also are very down to earth and just doing what they love.  The pair clearly love music and going to shows, and genuinely want to help the bands that they have become close to.  They are very clear in what their priority in life is: they want to continue to see live music and tour with bands when they can.  And they have fully embraced this lifestyle, despite their age and health.  It is a really wonderful story; two people doing what they love and building a life and reputation around it.

But the documentary doesn't just feature Dennis and Lois.  One thing I love is that it gets a ton of perspectives on Dennis and Lois.  The filmmakers not only included interviews and footage of the pair, but also included commentary from a ton of different rock and punk bands.  They all share stories and opinions about Dennis and Lois, and it really helps to show the impact these two have had.  The old footage of shows is a joy to watch, as are current performances that are shown where Dennis and Lois get call outs.  And some of the more intimate footage of the bands on tour with the pair really helps to showcase how special a relationship this is.  And with a documentary about two rock groupies, there is bound to be a ton of good music.  This film introduces so many bands and artists that I have never heard of, and has a fantastic soundtrack on top of it.  I found a few bands that I am hoping to check out, and I'm sure you will too.  And finally, this film shows that there is no right or wrong way to live your life.  Dennis and Lois are living their best life; enjoying what they love to do and being helpful to the scene that they have become mainstays in.

Dennis and Lois highlights two mainstays of the rock scene doing what they love.  It has fantastic clips from a variety of bands, interesting stories from the legendary pair, and a wonderful soundtrack.

Watch it.

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