Friday, April 10, 2020

Review: The Main Event

Release date: April 10, 2020
Running time: 101 minutes
Starring: Adam Pally, Tichina Arnold, Seth Carr

Brought to you by WWE Studios and Netlfix, The Main Event, has 11 year old Leo Thompson (Carr) dream is to be a WWE superstar like his role model Kofi Kingston.  And although Leo is as big a fan as you can get, he is 11 and also relatively small.  But that all changes when he discovers a magical wrestling mask that gives him super strength, speed, and a boatload of confidence.  And with these new found powers, Leo enters a competition to both help his family and fulfill his dream.  But can an 11 year old kid compete with some of the best up and coming wrestlers in the world?  

The main characters are all funny and relatable, and although there are a ton of wrestling cameos, knowing their WWE background only adds to the appeal.  I especially appreciated the fact that, once again, Netflix shows an unconventional black family.  Here we have a young black kid who is interested in wrestling and art, a hip grandmother, and a single dad who is loving and working two jobs to try and support everyone.  Tichina Arnold--the grandma--hasn't lost a step when it comes to her vibrant personality and charisma. Who would have ever thought that she would play a cool grandma!  And Seth Carr did a fantastic job being the focal point of this film.  He is young but very talented for his age, especially because he had to take on both his normal character, and his wrestling persona.  I cant wait to see the development in this young man's career; I know we will be seeing a lot more of him in the future.  And Adam Pally, as the dad, brought his trademark humor to this film.  Although he doesn't appear a lot, he has some very funny scenes especially during his jobs.  And for the wrestling fans, there are a ton of cameos that will keep you excited and let you see your favorite wrestlers in unconventional roles. 

WWE Studios and Netflix tag team action has proven once again to be a duo that can deliver feel good stories and family orientated content, while still having enough for wrestling fans.  This film was very entertaining and had humor that would appeal to all ages.  You may think you have to be a WWE fan to appreciate this but you don't.  The film has some real world scenarios and plenty of humor that is not focused on wrestling.  And for past wrestling fans, this film fulfills your childhood dream of becoming a character that was larger than life.  The Main Event has a simple, but still great message, and its motivational scenes and lessons resonate with all, but should be especially useful for young audiences who are dreaming big and hoping to fulfill those.  I have a good feeling this movie will be what "NO Holds Barred" and "Ready to Rumble" was for my generation, a classic that no matter when its played it will always be entertaining and enjoyable to watch.

The Main Event shows that WWE can make a family friendly, motivational movie with a cast and message that will appeal to all viewers, wrestling fans and novices alike!

Watch it.

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