Saturday, May 16, 2020

Review: To Hell And Gone

Release date: May 11, 2020
Running time: 82 minutes
Starring: Susan Gayle Watts, Carr Cavender, Drew Connick

The Hell and Gone follows a group of dangerous robbers and a crafty drifter who cross paths at a ranch in the middle of the dessert in Arizona.  The drifter will have to use all his cunning to get out of this situation, outsmart the gang, and make sure no one else gets hurt.  

To Hell and Gone has a great opening with dessert shots and a spaghetti western theme music.  It also starts with a bang that should get and keep your attention.  The drifter is an enjoyable main character who, although he seems a little too cool and calm given what he is going through, is someone you can root for.  Susan Gayle Watts is very good as the ranch owner.  She puts on a tough performance and is great as a strong female main character.  And the murderous gang are a fairly diverse lot.  The main gangster Leduc is decidedly crazy but seems to be trying too hard.  Drew Connick's depiction of Aaron was actually very convincing and it made me wish for a movie where he played the main gangster.  Eungard (Robert Morgan) did a good job as the older, experienced gang member who was too old for this stuff. 

However, one of the problems with this film are the sound effects, specifically the gun fire.  It sounds noticeably fake and muted.  This was a major disappointment as there is a gunfight at the start of the film that should have gotten me excited, but the gunfire sounds just made me question what was going on.  It seems like a minor complaint, but for anyone that watches a decent amount of action films, this will feel off.  And on top of this, the plot is a little too convenient at times.  Certain actions are taken that just don't seem to make sense. And the ending escalates to a certain degree to ultimately provide an unsatisfying end.  However, taken as a whole, To Hell and Gone is a great effort and a nice homage to old school westerns, but its flaws keep this from being a must see. 

To Hell and Gone is an admirable project, with interesting characters in this independent modern day homage to spaghetti westerns. 

Rent it.
For additional information about the film and to rent / buy it, check it out here.

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