Friday, May 29, 2020

Review: Space Force

Release date: May 29, 2020 
Running time: 30 minute episodes (10 episodes)
Starring:  Steve Carell, Diana Silvers, Tawny Newsome

By the duo who brought you The Office, Greg Daniels and Steve Carell are back with Space Force. Space Force follows a four-star general Mark Naird (Carell), one of the most decorated pilots of his time, whose dream is to command the Air Force. But his clear career trajectory has to take evasive maneuvers when he is surprised to be given the "promotion" to head of the newly formed sixth branch of the Armed Services, the Space Force.  And even with tons of skepticism he remains dedicated to the country and moves his family to a remote base in Colorado.  Working alongside a very charismatic team of scientists and "Spacemen," Naird works tirelessly to fulfill POTUS's tweet and have "boots on the moon" by 2024 to achieve total space dominance. 

Lets be honest, as soon as you heard the announcement of this original series you knew it was going to be silly.  And thankfully, you are not wrong.  The creative duo of Greg Daniels and Steve Carell bring you a certain confidence in comedic expectations based on their history of work. And besides with Space Force being a real thing, I think there is a visual curiosity of exactly what it is going to be and what they will do. But I am here to say that this was as foolish as you thought it would be.

I had a good time with this series for a number of factors. Steve Carell is a star and his return to his comedy roots after a few more serious roles is a positive thing.  His mannerisms and dialogue alone will have you cracking up.  Carell brings a high level of intensity and energy that just brightens every scene he is in.  Creator Greg Daniels tends to stick with his usual cast of actors and Space Force is no different.  You will see a ton of characters that you are familiar with.  Tawny Newsome who plays Angela Ali, a "Spaceman" helicopter pilot is easily one of my favorite characters in this series with a very different dynamic than other characters. This provides hilarious interactions due to this imbalance. Also a highlight is growing star Diana Silvers who plays Erin Naird the daughter of Mark Naird.  As she has progressed she is taking more diverse roles and Space Force shows that she is becoming her own star.

None of us truly knows what Space Force is and will be but if its anything like this series, well we're in for some wild times.  But all jokes aside, this series was very funny with tons of great scene and unforgettable moments.  Even with the added special effects to make some scenes come together, they do a good job to keep the constant tone of fun and lack of seriousness so at no point do you think you are watching a serious military show.  But there is plenty of comedy for those who know the military or have experience there.  If shows like Parks and Recreation & The Office are your comedy niche, this will be right up your alley. And if its not and you're just curious as to whats this is all about, you will certainly have fun with this series.  

Space Force has Steve Carell returning to his comedic roots, along with a fantastic cast and plenty of humor in this high flying, hilarious series.  

Watch it.

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