Friday, May 15, 2020

Review: The Trouble With Wolves

Release date: May 12, 2020
Running time: 57 minutes

The Trouble With Wolves takes a balanced, in-depth look at the reintroduction of wolves to America.  Wolves had been hunted, trapped, and poisoned out of America until in 1995, Congress passed a reintroduction act that took wolves from Canada and released them into Yellowstone.  Since that time, the wolf population has had very quick growth from about 300 wolves to 1700.  However, this growth has led to problems with local ranchers and others who live in the areas around the wolf habitats.  From death threats, court battles, and an iconic endangered species in the middle, The Trouble With Wolves takes an up close look at this heated wildlife conservation issue.  The film aims to find out whether coexistence is really possible by hearing from the people directly involved. 

The Trouble With Wolves is a thorough look at the issue.  It goes into the history of  wolves in America, from their elimination from America, to their eventual reintroduction, and to the issues that arose after that.  It backs all this up with plenty of historical footage, images, and statistical information.  It presents a very compelling case without overloading the audience.  And it does this with some in-depth interviews with very knowledgeable people.  And more importantly, it includes some amazing scenery and wonderful videos of wolves in their natural habitat.  

The Trouble With Wolves is also surprisingly balanced.  The film takes a look at the issue from all angles and does a great job profiling what arose with the reintroduction of wolves and their growing numbers.  Local ranchers have to deal with the very real consequences of an alpha predator being added to their land and the film takes a frank look at this issue.  And it highlights the stress these ranchers have to deal with on top of having predators on their land due to harassment and criticism from the general public over their practices.  But it also showcases why those local ranchers are needed to maintain the beauty of the wolves' habitat, highlighting how delicate the balance is.  And although the film skews a little at the end, it still presents the major issues with the wolves' introduction fairly and thoroughly, something that is refreshing to see in today's climate.  

The Trouble With Wolves is a thorough and balanced look at one of the most heated conservation issues in America, with in-depth interviews, compelling information, and beautiful nature footage.

Watch it.
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