Monday, May 4, 2020

Review: The House In Between

Release date: May 5, 2020
Running time: 81 minutes
Starring: Brad Cooney, John Bullard

The House In Between is a documentary about a haunted house.  Paranormal investigators Brad Cooney and John Bullard have been documenting this house for years, trying to capture definitive proof that it is haunted.  They whole heartedly believe that this is a very active house, and have been spending this time to help both the homeowner living with the haunting, and to prove once and for all that there can be a bridge between our world and the afterlife.  

The House In Between is put together by some meticulous paranormal investigators.  They find the phenomena, and then go and find contractors and other professionals to prove that it wasn't a simple occurrance.  The lights go out and they hire an electrician to check.  A ball goes down the stairs and they hire someone to make sure that the house is level.  They talk to neighbors and other friends to find out as much as they can about the house.  And they use some interesting cameras and technologies to try and showcase what they are experiencing in the house.  It is a well put together investigation and one that will give you some insights into this field.

However, the main problem with this documentary is that although they try to get definitive proof, there doesn't seem to be anything definitive.  Most of the phenomena can be easily explained and the film doesn't have enough camera angles to prove that it couldn't have been staged.  Lights turning off don't show the whole room.  Doors opening don't show both sides of the door in the same shot.  It is a good collection of phenomena but it will not convince a skeptic that the paranormal exists.  And the technology that they used to detect energy doesn't seem that high tech and also does not have an explanation given for what it does.  The paranormal investigators touch on it, but I would have preferred more information about it.  I for one would have appreciated hearing more about this and how it worked.  They mention these detector pots, but don't really go into what they are measuring or where they have been useful in the past.  And finally, the the biggest phenomena (a ball moving on its own) tends to suffer from the same issues as the other phenomena, that there aren't enough camera angles to convince you one way or the other.  

The House In Between will give paranormal enthusiasts a lot of evidence to support a haunting, but doesn't contain rigorous enough proof to convince a skeptic. 

Rent it.

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