Thursday, May 14, 2020

Review: The Wrong Missy

Release date: May 13, 2020
Running time: 89 minutes
Starring: David Spade, Lauren Lapkus, Nick Swardson

The Wrong Missy  is the story of Tim Morris (Spade) who is ready to jump back out on the dating scene starting off with a blind date that goes drastically wrong. He meets up with Missy (Lapkus) who is the complete opposite of what he is looking for.  After ditching that disastrous encounter, Tim is about ready to hang it up on dating.  But in a random mix up at the airport Tim, meets his dream girl who is everything he ever could want in a women.  And as things quickly escalate between the two of them, Tim decides to invite her to his company's corporate retreat in Hawaii.  However, while everything is set and seem to be a promising trip for the two of them, Tim finds out that he was texting the disastrous date.

From the original trailer and synopsis, I was interested in seeing what this film would deliver.  However, it was very different than what I was expecting. Now while it was clear that this romantic comedy would also include a lot of drama, I was less clear about how they would resolve this movie.  That provided the real intrigue for sticking this movie out.  Unfortunately, the script really didn't give most of the actors much to work with as it was just all very flat.  But Lapkus's really bizarre character was perfect for her as you can see the versatility in her vocal and acting range, which makes sense because she is excellent in many voice acting roles over her career. She truly put on an amazing performance and stood out amongst the others.

Much like other films brought to you by Happy Madison productions, you know that you will get a very niche type of comedy.  If you are not familiar with the other movies by this company, it generally is somewhat dumbed down humor.  Happy Madison had some classics in the past along with some current entertaining ones which proves this type of humor can definitely work.  Unfortunately, this movie just didn't do it.  There are definite funny moments, which are balanced out by times where characters were overly annoying and times I just shock my head and thought what am I watching?  But what kept me going in this film was my own curiousity of how this would all unfold.  The fact that the movie was set in Hawaii with beautiful visuals also helped to keep me going.

If you are a huge fan of Adam Sandler and his type of projects then checking this out will be right up your alley, but if not this is just merely background visuals for the day.

Rent it.

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