Friday, April 9, 2021

Giveaway: Win Tickets To See Voyagers In Theaters And A Prize Pack!

Tye Sheridan	...	Christopher Lily-Rose Depp	Lily-Rose Depp	...	Sela Fionn Whitehead	Fionn Whitehead	...	Zac Chanté Adams	Chanté Adams	...	Phoebe Quintessa Swindell	Quintessa Swindell	...	Julie Archie Madekwe	Archie Madekwe	...	Kai Isaac Hempstead Wright	Isaac Hempstead Wright	...	Edward Viveik Kalra	Viveik Kalra	...	Peter Madison Hu	Madison Hu	...	Anda Archie Renaux	Archie Renaux	...	Alex Wern Lee	Wern Lee	...	Tayo Colin Farrell	Colin Farrell	...	Richard April Grace	April Grace	...	Mission Director Laura Dreyfuss	Laura Dreyfuss	...	IVF Technician Veronica Falcón	Veronica Falcón	...	Marianne Sancar

We have partnered with Lionsgate for an OUT OF THIS WORLD giveaway.  Enter now for your chance to win a pass to see Voyagers in theaters and a Voyagers Prize Pack!  Voyagers is a new science fiction film in theaters now that is a near future Lord of the Flies (check out the review).  With the future of the human race at stake, a group of young men and women, bred for intelligence and obedience, embark on an expedition to colonize a distant planet. But when they uncover disturbing secrets about the mission, they defy their training and begin to explore their most primitive natures. As life on the ship descends into chaos, they’re consumed by fear, lust, and the insatiable hunger for power.  It stars Colin Farrell, Tye Sheridan, Fionn Whitehead, and Lily-Rose Depp!  

The prize packs will include:

Various Promotional Items (tank top, fanny pack, wireless charger)

(1) Atom ticket code to be redeemed for a pair of passes to see VOYAGERS in theaters.

The contest runs from now until April 14, 2021.  Winners will be notified on April 14, 2021 so I can verify the entry and get a mailing address.  

The Atom ticket codes are valid through April 30.

Patrick Bucur	...	Christopher - 4 years old Rufus Bateman	Rufus Bateman	...	Zac - 4 years old Jaquelin Capusan	Jaquelin Capusan	...	Sela - 4 years old Rafi Wilder	Rafi Wilder	...	Christopher - 8 years old (as Raphael Wilder) Antonia Dragoman	Antonia Dragoman	...	Sela - 8 years old Lou Llobell	Lou Llobell	...	Zandie Reda Elazouar	Reda Elazouar	...	Mallick Mariska Ariya	Mariska Ariya	...	Maya Theodor Soptelea	Theodor Soptelea	...	Paul (as Theadore Soptelea) Andrei Cristian Anghel	Andrei Cristian Anghel	...	Andrei (as Andrei Anghel) Vu Hoang Viet	Vu Hoang Viet	...	Vu Saleh Mohamed Daoud	Saleh Mohamed Daoud	...	Moos (as Saleh Mohamed) Pan Jiaqiang	Pan Jiaqiang	...	Pan Nicholas Samuel Sealey	Nicholas Samuel Sealey	...	Sam (as Samuel Sealey) Elena Raducanu	Elena Raducanu	...	Elena Ioana Brumar	Ioana Brumar	...	Mihaela Julienne Kadima	Julienne Kadima	...	Kadima Phan T. Thao	Phan T. Thao	...	Phan Petruta Petrea	Petruta Petrea	...	Petra

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