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Hot Dog Review: A Ridiculous Action Buddy Cop Film

Til Schweiger	...	Luke Steiner Matthias Schweighöfer	Matthias Schweighöfer	...	Theo Ransoff Anne Schäfer	Anne Schäfer	...	Nicki Kasulke Lisa Tomaschewsky	Lisa Tomaschewsky	...	Mascha Butkin Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Joachim Paul Assböck	Joachim Paul Assböck	...	Kollege Theos Vater Ilka Bessin	Ilka Bessin	...	Vera Viktor Bleischwitz	Viktor Bleischwitz	...	Soldat David Brückner	David Brückner	...	Drogen-Laborant Simson Bubbel	Simson Bubbel	...	Geiselnehmer Blerim Destani	Blerim Destani	...	Pilot Lui Eckhardt	Lui Eckhardt	...	Theo (14 Jahre) Thomas Fehlen	Thomas Fehlen	...	Kinderarzt Heino Ferch	Heino Ferch	...	Arno Hedmann Samuel Finzi	Samuel Finzi	...	Fescu Leigh Gill	Leigh Gill	...	Kevin André Hennicke	André Hennicke	...	Theos Vater

Release date: April 6, 2021
Running time: 100 minutes
Directed By: Torsten Künstler
Written By: Lo Malinke, Tripper Clancy
Starring: Til Schweiger, Matthias Schweighöfer, Anne Schäfer

When an ambassador's daughter is kidnapped, two elite officers must join forces to track her down. Despite their differences the two men are partnered up and must work together to find the missing girl.

Jan Karras	...	Bobo Ramona Kunze-Libnow	Ramona Kunze-Libnow	...	Theos Mutter Heiko Lochmann	Heiko Lochmann	...	Self Roman Lochmann	Roman Lochmann	...	Self Manou Lubowski	Manou Lubowski	...	Peter Joan Pascu	Joan Pascu	...	Botschafter Butkin Paula Paul	Paula Paul	...	Innenministerin Helena Pieske	Helena Pieske	...	Kleines Mädchen Lucia Peraza Rios	Lucia Peraza Rios	...	Spanische Putzfrau Merlin Rose	Merlin Rose	...	Benno Leopold Ferdinand Schill	Leopold Ferdinand Schill	...	Theo (8 Jahre) Lilli Schweiger	Lilli Schweiger	...	Ella Joe Toedtling	Joe Toedtling	...	Nicki Max Marian Unger	Max Marian Unger	...	Theos Kollege Tim Wilde	Tim Wilde	...	Reiners Sina Zadra	Sina Zadra	...	Michelle
Hot Dog brings together two of Germany's biggest stars, Til Schweiger and Matthias 
Schweighöfer for a ridiculous, slapstick buddy cop film.  The premise is standard fare for this genre: one explosive, badass (Schweiger) is paired with an inexperienced do gooder (Schweighöfer) to solve the crime.  And your enjoyment of the film will very much depend on how you like their dynamic.  Schweiger definitely plays a more pronounced alpha in this film, someone who will shoot first and ask questions later.  He also is extremely mean to Schweighöfer, calling him names and demeaning his abilities.  But Schweighöfer does his best to unwittingly annoy Schweiger, as his character is a by the book officer with a photographic memory and extreme knowledge of regulations.  And together they do have a fun dynamic, espeically later in the film.  And when they are joined by Schäfer for their rescue mission, the fun, chemistry, and tension are ratcheted up.

And your enjoyment of this film will definitely depend on your appetite for crude and slapstick humor.  I thought that the film was funny and definitely had laugh out loud moements.  Some of the jokes felt dated or were off putting, but overall the movie has a stupid, harmless humor that will put a smile on your face.  And the dub for the American release is pretty goood.  You can tell it is a dubbed version, but overall the conversation is fluid and the jokes have been updated for American audiences with American references.  Hot Dog was a critical bomb in Germany but I enjoyed the film.  It wasn't a great movie, heck at times it wasn't a good movie, but it was an enjoyable film that had some endearing characters and plenty of comedy and heart.  It's not an amazing film but you will enjoy your evening with this unlikely duo.

Hot Dog's enjoyable dynamic between Schweiger, Schäfer, and Schweighöfer, silly action, and good English dub will make for an entertaining evening with these unlikely partners.

Rent it.

Marco Beckmann	...	producer Klaus Dohle	...	co-producer Philipp Klausing	...	line producer Dan Maag	...	producer Markus Reinecke	...	associate producer Stephanie Schettler-Köhler	...	project manager Matthias Schweighöfer	...	producer Christian Specht	...	co-producer   Directed by  Torsten Künstler	Writing Credits   Lo Malinke	...	(screenplay by) & Tripper Clancy	...	(screenplay by)
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Hot Dog is available digitally and on demand on April 6, 2021. 

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